Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow Birds Return!/Chapter18


OH JOY OH HAPPINESS! The Snowbirds have returned! I miss my favorite people across the road and they have REALLY missed me, but we have communicated and they are very proud of how well I guarded their place!

I woke up to the wonderful sound of trucks and RV’s and people! Lots of pulling and backing up and hollering at one another :) But with my expert advice I think they are all settled.

Now I have my walkers back too. They live way down at the end of Emmett Stone Lane. I have really missed them. Walking alone is lonesome and some times these cars and trucks irritate me and I pretend I’m going to chase them and eat them, but I never do …

Only very sad note, one of my walkers went to people heaven while they were gone, so now there is one less of us. I’m hoping that Mom and Dad can immerge from hibernation soon and they will take me :(

Anyway, every morning between 7 and 9 I can count on Fred! He’s my most favorite walker and never misses a morning unless it’s really cold and nasty. That’s good because on those days I’m in my Igloo with the heater blowing on me!

Also I’ve had little boys here and little boys are just about the best thing ever. Bitty, Precious and Rowdy all come, just to keep things stirred up :)
Bitty is burping and Precious thinks it's hysterical! Mom things boys are gross, I think they are fun :)

Mom has daffodils and tulips and stuff coming up too! I just had to check them out; I don’t know why she get’s so irritated with me.. I mean it’s just a HOLE! and all this FUSS about those stupid little dwarfs of hers! Why are they in my favorite place to dig!OK.. WHO SAYS THAT DIRT ON MY NOSE??????????? It's the lighting!

If the Snow Birds have arrived spring cannot be far behind. Only 21 days on the calendar but we have snow forecast tonight so mom’s not quite feeling it yet!