Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chapter 17/Bitty & BILL!

Chapter 17 Bitty & Bill
What a wonderful day :) Little Bitty came home to my house after he went to school. Mom said we are under an ice storm watch and that's why it was 70 degree's today~ I just love when Little Bitty comes. He's SO busy but he doesn't bug me, in fact he just likes to have me hanging with him! I think maybe it's because he has two other "Canine" siblings who LOOK JUST LIKE ME! well not as beautiful. a.....hem..... but they are both brown! ANYWAY........ Little Bitty Arrived and because it was such a warm beautiful day Mom wanted to walk down to "my" pond. It was so wonderful because just last week it was FROZEN SOLID. I didn't like that, not one little bit. no I didn't. I didn't even leave my igloo the entire week

Something very exciting happened this week. I HAVE A NEW HORSE! The Hurricane horses are gone and one morning I woke up and here was this beautiful red horse! His name is Bill, because Little Bitty calls all horses Bill except for Cricket. He wasn't really very happy in his new pen and I probably didn't help because he speaks EQUINE and I speak CANINE! and he didn't like how loud I like to talk when I get excited..

So off we went today after lunch, Mom, Dad, Little Bitty and little Sister "Annoying". What a beautiful day!

Remember Little Bitty calls all horses "Bill" and as much as he likes talking about them and seeing them from a distance. That boy DOES NOT LIKE HORSES! So Bitty took Mom's hand to protect him and Dad held the little "yapper" aka Annoying because she thought she was going to tangle with a very large horse. She actually bit at his nose! The girl can be so embarrassing!Then Mom remember's she has candy and feed's "Bill". Now this is exciting. Annoying is getting herself in a Tizzy over it and Little Bitty isn't much better!

WOW it's just so beautiful out here I wonder how far I can run before they notice I'm missing :) oooooops.. they spotted me.. I'm COMIMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoooooooo Hoooooooo Over her~~~~~~~~~~~~~What if they lose me???????) nah..not MY mom, She is just like a mother hen.I had to show Little Bitty How to go over the little bridge.. but of course once he did it, he would not stay off!

Now let me tell you about Annoying.. If you have seen pictures of her you know what she looks like! She is a "Terrorist" errrrrrr "Terrior"..And that certain breed loves to dig and burrow and sniff things out. Even when there is NOTHING there. (But don't tell her) Mom thought a hybernating squirrel was going to come out. I really hoping they wood.. What an amazing story that would be

OH AND LOOK WHO ARRIVES! Little Brother Spike:) I love Spike, he's a good boy and my bed buddy. We share the same heater. He must have been in one of his deep sleeps because we've been down here half an hour! He's so happy, his stubby little tail is wiggling~

OH NO.. Here comes that Big Black Dog!!!!!!! Well, Annoying and I take care of him "pronto". Under the fence...across the yard.....RIGHT ON HIS HEELS! He's going going gone! "Annoying" is so happy, she THINKS that she made BBD leave. hmmmmBack to the House we go! Good Bye Unfrozen Pond..Goodbye Bill...

Hurry up Spring..Little Bitty and I have lots to do outside and we need warm weather

Now this was a good day :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

End of the week/Chapter 16

The End of a Busy Week/Chapter 16

Oh me oh my this has been quite a week! First of all Little Bitty visited 2 times! And anytime Little Bitty arrives, this whole household becomes busy.

Dad and Bitty were out in the driveway playing fire truck and of course myself and Annoying Little Sister (on her leash), and Lil Bro Spike have to join in. It was sort of drizzly raining but Bitty doesn’t care, he’s a boy and he just wants to play! That’s my kind of little human :)

Then all of a sudden Very nice Mail Lady goes up Emmett Stone Lane. REMEMBER that is MY road and Very Nice Mail Lady loves me very much! Now just before she started her deliveries up my road, Dad felt sorry for Annoying and let her off the leash. Well you can just guess. Zip she goes out to the mail truck with Dad lickety split on her heels! Yappity yap yap yap. Around and around the mail truck they go. I am in charge of Little Bitty and Spike; they stood behind me and just stared in awe! Well Dad finally gets the little Yapper and in the house she is put. Do you know how happy that makes me??????

I just want to dance with joy! I have Little Bitty Boy all to myself with Dad and Annoying is put in her place. AS IT SHOULD BE!

When Very Nice Mail Lady comes back down my Lane to deposit our mail, she sticks out her hand and pats me on the head. She does that because she knows that I protect her from all creatures that might make her deliveries difficult! She loves me, I love her!

Oh and Wonders of wonders Little Bitty comes back on another day this week. This time he is will our human “Kat” who loves all animals great or small:)

Now there is something wonderful that happens when Little Bitty comes.. There is always candy near! And if I can manage to sneak in the house I stay as close as possible to him because I just KNOW I will be rewarded. And ah hah I am I am!!!!!! Sweet stuff everywhere. I just love that boy; he always brings excitement and CANDY when he’s around.

Now the DOWN side of this week. We have two very RUDE “so called” DOGS in our neighborhood. One is brown and one is black. And every once in a while they decide to come and snoop around my quarters! Some times I’m asleep and don’t even notice but other times I chase them away! Annoying Little Sister really hates them, and everyone is afraid that one of them might just have her for a snack..I have tried to tell them that they would just spit her out so not to worry!

But yesterday, first the brown one then the black one came in to my garage! They get into MY food and touch my stuff, but the worst thing they do is they scare Lil Brother Spike. Mom opened the door to holler at them and Lil Bro was on top of her car with every hair on his body standing straight out! Actually Mom and I did chuckle just a bit after he went scampering in the houseJ

But then in the evening, they came back and chased him! They chased him all around the yard and the only place Lil Bro knows to go where they can’t get him is………………… you guessed it, back up the tree. I ran off the dogs and I begged Lil Brother to come down but it was dark and very cold and Lil Brother was in for a long winter’s night!

Mom went to bed very sad because she could not get out there and get him and I could not help her and even Annoying Little Sister was trying but we could not do anything but wait and hope.

Poor Spikey was up there all night and it was very very cold. When Dad opened his truck door this morning he could hear Lil Bro about an acre away! Poor Dad, Poor Lil Brother.. Dad got the ladder and was able to reach him this time. He brought him in and all day he has been soaking up the heat and sleeping. This little stubby tailed feline really does have 9 lives or at least 4! Now the ladder is permanently leaning against the tree and Mom is threatening mass murder on neighborhood dogs!

I do my best, I really do.. But I have old bones and sometimes it’s just hard to run! Tonight it is going to be 3 degree’s so Little Brother is pretending that
he is part of Mom’s furniture and I’m pretending that I’m invisible on the carpet!
Moms going to have to take a break from my story. When she feels better, or if something spectacular happens we will be back. Woof woof to you all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Now that's better/Chapter 15

Now that’s better!/Chapter15

Did you know that us “dogs” can understand everything that anyone says? We can! But not all humans can understand everything that we say. Some can understand better then others, my Mom understands EVERYTHING I say :)

For instance, Dad bought me my beautiful new Igloo house for the garage and put carpet in and everything. I even share the little heater with Little brother. BUT I was cold! This is winter in TN and this isn’t Florida Dad! For years and years I’ve slept on my most favorite big fluffy blue comforter. I LOVE that comforter, it was just made for me! However, because I have reached “Senior” status, Dad got me the house and all. We really thought it was perfect but I was cold.

I tried telling Dad, but he just doesn’t always listen to me. Mom listens to me. So last week when it was cold and raining and miserable Mom and I had a conversation. I had found a fairly dry place under the deck and decided that was a better option, but Mom told me no, not a good idea :( Why do Mom’s always know best?

Since Dad was not listening to me and Mom was, she passed on my information to good ole Dad. He had been “airing out” my comforter. Oh sure, he planned on putting it on his bed, I just bet. But since Dad does listen to Mom, he got my wonderful, blessed, perfectly delightful, best comforter in the whole world, off the deck where it was getting “aired” and put it in my Igloo!!!!

So now I’m happy, in fact I’m so happy that I don’t get up till I absolutely have to in the morning! I’m smiling from all the way inside of me.. Thanks Mom ~

P. S. To all those who have given Mom advice on Spikey. She talked to Dr. Amy, and she says that 2 days maximum in a tree for a cat to survive. Then they usually will fall out or be too weak to hang on and just let loose. About half of those she’s treated survive. Mom and Dad have decided to keep nails clipped and poke him out with the broom : )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

OH SPIKE!/Chapter 14

OH SPIKE!/Chapter 14

Oh man….stretching out of my warm house in my not so warm garage into the cold HURRICANE outside! I’m just not a winter Dog, I’m just NOT. In the summer I go swimming in our neighbors lake and take a daily wade in Mom’s fishpond when it’s hot. In the winter I can’t do any of that fun stuff.

But I am on duty! Out to the front yard. Yawn, stretch………. HI SCHOOL BUS!!!!!!!! Hi boys and girls! See ya later…across the road I go. I always start with the barn house and circle it; just making sure everything is secure.. Then to the empty trailer, then up to the “Very nice neighbors”. They always like me best and appreciate me best! Sniff Sniff…. Everything seems to be in order. I’ll just lay over here in the sun till Dad gets up :)

AHHHHHH there he is.. I’m bounding across the yard, I always get a treat, oh rats there is “annoying” and “little brother” but they have been “contained” heh heh heh… They get their treats too and off we go to the paper box. We LOVE our paper box!

Mom and Dad leave in their truck and of course they take “Annoying” oh man that makes me irritated! Lil Bro Spike and I have to fend for ourselves! Life is NOT FAIR.

I have found a fairly warm spot and am drifting off in to a deep deep sleep. Mom sometimes says I go in to a coma.. I DO NOT. I just like to go to another place in my dreams~ Mail lady arrives! Mail lady LOVES me and I love Mail lady. I escort her all the way down Emmett Stone Lane. I know she appreciates me .

Back to my coma, errrrrrrr sleep……….. OOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO something is waking me! I hear something..Oh man, it’s Lil brother! He’s in trouble again.. Oh Spike oh Spike! Not on my watch!

I bound over to the offending tree and look up! OH SPIKE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??????? 40 feet up in the tree again! What can I do, what CAN I do? I keep running between the house and the tree but no Mom and Dad…Hours and hours and hours go by. Hang on Spikey hang on! Why do you do this? Is there something chasing you, are you chasing something?

FINALLY, after dark, I see the lights of Dad’s truck stopping at the mailbox. I ran as fast as I can to him. I’m bouncing and running and twirling and twirling and trying to tell him in my Canine language that SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY wrong.

Mom and Dad get out and say “WHAT IS WRONG PENNY??” What is wrong? What is wrong??????? That bratty little Brother of mine has got himself in a terrible predicament again!

Dad sets off around the house with a big flashlight and “annoying” yapping along beside him. He calls SPIKE SPIKE SPIKE (remember he does NOT come to Kitty Kitty Kitty).. I’m running to “offending tree” and back to Dad and I’m getting desperate. WHY doesn’t Dad, understand.. ahhhhhhhhhh he does.. he heads straight for “the tree” shines up his light 40 FEET UP! And there is BRAT CAT! Oh Spikey, why do you upset us so much and it’s so cold and the wind is blowing and Dad’s mood is not improving!

Out comes the ladder from the barn (“Annoying” gets shut in again heh heh heh) and Dad puts it up and begs that CAT to PULEEEEEZE come to him.. It isn’t working. He gets a long pole and starts poking! Poke poke poke! Wheeeeeeeeeee Lil Brother let’s loose and sort of resembles a flying squirrel to me! PLOP on the ground on all fours, with no injuries except his PRIDE. Dad cuddles him, I wanted to lecture him! Poor Dad, he’s VERY cold and he’s very hungry and Little Brother has caused ALL this trouble.

First thing dad does when he get’s him in the house is wraps him in a towel and clips his nails! Spike REALLY protests.. I mean, you should have heard it! And I thought the “dry bath” dad gave me the other day was bad :)

Dad also lectures Mom. If that Bratty Cat gets up that tree again LEAVE HIM! Oh sure like that would happen!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas is OVER!/Chapter 13

Christmas is OVER/Chapter 13
OK Dad.. Come on.. COME ON!! When it's over it's OVER and it's OVER! Time to take down all the Fa La La La La! Why is it always more fun to put it up then it is to take down? I don't know, but if we don't get moving on this thing it could rain or snow or something and I'm NOT getting my paw's in that!

First comes the lights, and then Mom's favorites, THE REINDEER!!!!!! Spike thinks he's going to help but he gets distracted VERY easily. He was tip toeing around the fishpond "helping" mom with the poinsetta's and then spotted a bird! That CAT!

If I hold the lights just right, Dad can pull up the reindeer easily. The lights on the house are just a tad out of my reach!
OOOOOOOO nooooooo there goes "Annoying" dashing to the road, she think's she's going to chase a TRUCK. Well, Dad, clipped her fuzzy little wings and in the house she goes! Heh Heh Heh~~ So sad too bad...
OK..It's all taken down and time for a rest! That's my favorite part of the entire day now!

After lunch and rest though Mom and I take a walk. I love Mom but WHY does she think I need a leash??? Hello Big Black Dog...Hello...fuzzy little spotted dog.. Hello, curly Little Wiggly Dog. I'm embarrassed, mom has a tight grip on me and I can't properly greet each and every one of you!
OK back home and time to go back in to the garage, watch dad pull down the stairs and we form an assembly line, back up it goes! Put away for another year!
Mom finds it mildly disturbing that Dad has a bear tied by his neck hanging on the steps!
Oh and since Spike's great adventure, he is Mom's BFF! The other night it took Dad 30 minutes to find him and then "Annoying" and I had to help(while Mom laughed) get him out from under the bed to go to his OWN bed outside for the night. That bratty cat has blankets and a heater and anything his little black heart desires. Some times, I wonder what it takes to get attention!