Sunday, August 29, 2010


First I'm So sorry that this blog has been in hibernation but that's kind of how I've felt. Won't go in to a lot of details, but I came home under the weather so to speak and still trying to crawl out.

We had a REALLY busy weekend the week we left for the Pacific NW. We had family picture day and all the fam was here. Pictures went very well, however, and OF COURSE Penny got in to the picture ceremony! It would not have been a family pic without her.. Annoying little sister was shut up in the house ..heh heh

So Monday we were VERY busy. We had dumped all our clothes needed in to the suitcases before the company descended! So now we had to unpack and do it right. It hard packing too because we have had an incredibly hot summer, not just a few days but months. and some of the places we were going had had a few hot days but also some cold. But we did it!

The Saint got all the furry children to the Spa and asked Dr. Amy to check Penny's ear that had a knot on it. (we could have gone back to Hawaii for that little request!)

Emptied the frig and hauled off the garbage and had all clothes laid in place to just put on and GO!

Up fairly early so we could get all the last minute stuff done and we were off about 9 in the morning. It was a HOT morning as usual so we were looking forward to some cooler weather.

Plane was on time and we left around noon. You have to pay SW extra now if you want to get seated early so you can sit together! So we did. Had a brief layover and change planes in Kansas City but we were in the boarding early group so we were good to go, but no time for food at all! Kansas City has a terrible Airport, as I've learned before. You can't get anything unless you go out of the Secure area. Anyway, off and over our beautiful country. I don't know why people think we are running out of room, they need to fly across our country:)

A little cloudy but mostly sunny and clear. The Saint had the window seat but that's ok, it's too uncomfortable for him in the middle and all the planes were jammed full.

We arrived in Portland late in the afternoon and saw Mt. Hood as we flew in.

The airport is another story. That is if you want to rent a car and your carrying 2 carry on's each! It seemed like we walked for miles before we finally got to the area. I know it was close to an hour and then we couldn't find it and had to be redirected. Really bad set up there for car rentals.

We got a great little car a Mercury Mariner. A little white suv. It was great for us because we like to sit up and look out and we don't like real low riding cars. Found the Airiport Motel with no problem at all. It was very nice and they had a lovely restaurant.. So we dumped stuff in the room, freshened up and off to eat. We got to bed as soon as we could as we knew we had a very busy 9 more days ahead of us!