Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hawaii Day 8 Volumn 9 Kauai

Friday March 12, 2010 Island of Kauai / Kauhueli/Nawiliwili

We were up and very EXCITED! Were going on a Helicopter Ride. Brownie has gone up in one but not really taken a trip so this is really our first trip. Years ago I had a bad dream about crashing in one! It didn’t, I’m still here :)
Since they are picking us up at 8:00 a.m. we ate a very light breakfast.. REALLY GOOD IDEA! We also dressed in dark clothing per instructions, but wish I’d wore all black.(reflection off glass)

Off to find the shuttle to take us to Jack Harter Helicopter Tours!

Lihui, Kauai. We are so excited to do this and we need not worry, Jack was right there at the gate by the ship ready to pick up people ! He picked up a couple of other couples at different resorts and we were off!
The Shuttle took us to the Helipad/Airport. We were escorted in to a little hut where Jacks wife gave us the run down. Mostly about what to expect and what to do if……….

We were all weighed, as that determines which seat you sit at. We were instructed how to wear the ear phones. They were to keep out the noise and enable the pilot to tell us what we were seeing. He did say we could also ask questions but I don’t think anyone did.

We were told where to sit. Two people plus pilot in front. 4 in the middle, 2 in back. I sat by the door, but everyone could easily see because the windows went all the way around. Ours had doors(thank you very much) but the other one taking off at the same time did not. They paid more, but I bet they got wet!!!!!!
As we lifted off, it was nothing what I expected!

We were up and flying without even knowing it!. Just looked down and we were floating! Of course with ear phones the sound is blocked so it’s very surreal.

For the next hour and half we saw the most incredible sites. Ones that we only dreamed of. It truly did not look real.

(The Sister's)

I know I took about 200 pictures, but none will do it justice.

Waimea Canyon
Kauai is know as the “Garden Island” and it is lush and green and absolutely breath taking.

We saw so many water falls, we lost count. We saw one area called the “Sisters”. The name reminded me of the 3 sisters Mountains in Oregon, but these were water falls.

Dozens of movies have been filmed there including all of the Jurassic Park movies & some of “Lost”. Also “South Pacific” (Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta my Hair”).

We flew over the Grand Canyon of Hawaii called “Waimea”. Just breath taking. . Not as big as AZ Grand Canyon but oh just as beautiful! The colors and shapes and deep pits were incredible.

If I could describe this canyon and this Island, I think I would win a Pulitzer Prize for literature! There just are not enough words. Just awesome. Dozens of lakes, ponds, water falls galore!
About 10 minutes before the trip ended, my stomach started to feel queasy.. They had provided barf bags but it didn’t get nearly that bad. There are just so many dips and swirls going through the canyon that it was a bit of a stomach lurcher!

AND THEN….your back at the Heliport. Just like that. Us and the other chopper. Couldn’t believe that trip of a lifetime was over.

I want to do it again and not take pictures. Not that I didn’t see everything but I wish I could do it and just look and look and soak it all up.
After we landed we had an opportunity to take photos of the helicopters and the pilot etc. It was a trip I’ll never forget. This might get old to some people but to me it was just more then I can even begin to describe.
The pilot was fantastic. Born and raised in Hawaii, but he didn’t look like it!
They delivered us back to the ship in plenty of time. This was an early (2 p.m. ) departure day. They had extremely tight security that day.

When we returned to the ship we took a brief nap. It had been a glorious morning! We then got up and fixed ourselves presentable and went to lunch! We walked around the ship trying to decide what the best place to eat free was. Went to the Cadillac Restaurant. Very cool and decorated with Elvis stuff. Elvis is a BIG deal in Hawaii! We had hamburgers and they were very good.
We had an instruction session in the theater and over the intercom

about disembarking the next day, so we got busy in the afternoon and pitched away a whole lot of stuff to make the carry on’s lighter.
We did find out that we can have our big bags picked up at our door and won’t have to worry about them again till we get to Nashville! We watched to see our last cruise away from an Island. Kauai was just SO awesome!

We got our bags stuffed and labeled per instructions and set outside out door in the hall. We had to make sure we had the change of clothes for the plane ride home the next night and everything we would need for the following day in our carry on’s. But once done we were out of there to try to see a sunset!

We found a table at the back of the ship and watched as we slowly sailed by Kauai and the tiny Island of Nihue. We didn’t see a genuine sunset but it was breathtakingly beautiful and a whale surfaced to bid us goodbye. And just before sunset, the most beautiful RAINBOW!

We waited for the clouds to part but alas, it’s like Key West,

if you don’t see one the first night your probably not going to see one

We really got beautiful pictures.

We decided to have a last snack and drink for the night then down to our cabin.

Came back to room to show and watched an old movie on TV. We drifted to sleep again for our final night on the cloud soft mattress. We so hate to have it end.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hawaii Day 7/Volume 8 THE LUAU~

Nawiliwili on Kaui~ my favorite Island!

We were tired from our big night out and sailing all night makes you sleep SO good! So we just did until 9:30!

We got down to breakfasting just as breakfast was ending. This is a beautiful Island and we haven't even gotten off! It's very green and lush. Misty rain over the mountains, but that's normal.

Went back to our room and decided we would tour the the ship even though we got a late start.

We toured every level except the staterooms. We had fun walking and taking pictures. This must be the ship cleaning day because there was a whole lot of people working.

The ship is really beautiful and I can see where people would enjoy doing nothing but sailing.

After we rested for a while in our cabin we put on swim suits and went down by the pool. It of course was closed, as it has been every time we've thought about it :) oh well.

I laid in the hot tub a while and in the sun. The hot tub is very nice, but since it's out in the sun and I already had a little sunburn, I didn't stay out in it long.

We went back to the cabin, showered and got dressed up for the big LUAU tonight! It's going to be so much fun. I wore the dress I got Nikki. HAHAHA...It will be too long on her, but she can sleep in it if she wants. I thought we both looked good for the Luau! We shopped for Brownie a beautiful new Hawaiian Shirt!

We had been told to meet at the theater around 5 to get our bus assignments. I think when your on our level on the ship you automatically get the last bus!! We don't care.. It didn't start till we got there, we saw everything anyone else did. We got our seat assignments and a long lecture about not drinking too much. We were told to expect to be able to get back on the bus no matter what! WHAT DO THEY THINK WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING??????

We arrived at what looked similar to the Tropical Garden we had visited on Maui. For some reason, I just pictured having a Luau on the beach?

But it's not! It was a large tent like building that probably held around 500 people. A huge round stage in the center so everyone was entertained from all directions.. Also all over the building there were dancers standing on rocks and things.

As we arrived we were greeted with the obligatory photographer! BUT we also got lei's. Mine was real Orchids and so beautiful and I still have it hanging on my office door..I love it so much. The Hawaiian boy who stood by me said his hands were cold :) really??? well he also said he was freezing ! It was sort of cool and it had been raining. Brownie didn't mind the little girl at all~
They had a hog roasting on an open pit but we passed on gazing on that! Many people wandering around. The other's at our table were not friendly AT ALL. So we just did our own thing.

They announced dinner was served and they carried the hog out but he had his meat pulled off so it wasn't so graphic:) The food was good and I got to try poi, which we both wanted to do! icky...But the food wasn't really warm. I don't think Brownie liked it but what would be new about that?? While I went for dessert Brownie walked around the grounds and took some pictures.

Everything was SO pretty!

After I had dessert I went with him before the show started. It had warmed up some and there were cute little kittens out there!

They had entertainment non stop at all corners while we were eating and while they picked up dishes etc. They also had a live band playing all the time which was very entertaining...

Everything going on really gets you in the spirit of things!. When we were first waiting to be seated there were little girls doing a Poi dance, with the Poi balls.. They were SO cute, I wanted to take them home!

So after the meal was completed the evening entertainment began. There was a large Hawaiian Man that was the narrator.

The story was very involved. We were glad that the ambassador on ship had told us about it before. I'm not sure we would have understood the whole story.

It was about a father and Daughter. He doesn't want her to leave and go to another Island with a man she's fallen in love with.. Lots of dancing and beautiful people~

In the end she returns and she has a baby and the father embraces her and her baby~

It was really a beautiful production and I want to see it again and not take pictures :)
When the drama was over we were invited to take as many pictures as we wanted. All the participants posed and it was quite a show after the show!

We got our photo's made with the stars of the show! Were impressed!

We waited in a long line to use the restroom and then to wait on buses. While we were waiting in line we were entertained with a small group of "Tea Baggers" and I don't mind calling them that at all. If you tell Racist, bigoted jokes you are poop on the bottom of my shoe! The crowd started sort of staring at them like they were from another planet. First I covered my ears and stared blankly at them and they DID have the intelligence to look embarrassed. They are just ignorant not stupid. So I turned my back on them and waited and we talked to others about the wonderful people we had met and the wonderful country that we live in. They are NOT spoiling my evening.

We road the bus to the ship
and picked up our photo's on the way. WAY over priced but I love them !
Went to bed early because we've got a HELICOPTER RIDE in the AM!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!