Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chapter 25 1/2 Thankful Tues.

From Penny's Mom :) My favorite sister says this is thankful Tues. I have much to be thankful for and many to be thankful for so this will be absolutely in no particular order or rhyme or reason~ But today I'm thankful for my only granddaughter Caroline. She is 16 years old and a wonderful, beautiful, talented, intelligent, gifted young woman! Mostly I think I'm thankful when I see other 16 year old's and I realize how wonderful she is. Being a teenager is hard. I would never want to be that again. But she is such a delightful girl, so grounded and well rounded in all her interests and activities. We've never lived close to her so we don't see her often but I keep up with her! I just love waiting to see what happens in each chapter of her charmed life~ Just 2 more years of high school, but so much goes on during those years. Looking back, being a Junior and Senior was my favorite years! I love you Sweet Caroline :)

Chapter 25/Black Bill, Big BIll, Red Bill and Mini Bill

Chapter 25/Black Bill, Big Bill, Red Bill and MINI BILL! Come on PEOPLE!!!!!!!! WERE OFF!

Mom was going to start a new series on my blog today but we have something we just have to share we just have to!. We woke up this morning and there was a new BILL!

Mini Bill

And he’s so cute and he’s Little Bitty just like our “Little Bitty” and he’s sort of reddish blonde and he has a white mane. We were so excited, we HAD to go see him so off we went.

Big Bill

Big Bill and Red Bill think they are top horse, but Mini Bill shows them! Of Course Annoying had to go nose to nose with Mini Bill and not sure either one of them were pleased with the outcome, but she IS on a leash. Heh heh heh.. Big Bill and Mini Bill

Then of course Little Brother gets into the action. I don’t know WHAT he was thinking but he just bounded right in the middle of 3 Equines!!!!! :)Oh I did find that amusing, but I was just a tad worried that they might not understand that Little Bro is just not too bright about places he jumps in to! But Lil Bro prevails and dashes out with hair standing out ALL over his little stubby tailed little body!

Little Brother escaping!

Big Bill, Red Bill and Mini Bill! They are beautiful!

Anyway after we admired Mini Bill and did our brisk walk I took my little dip in the pond :) and Dad even did the stick throwing, although, it’s too cold for me to want to go too far!

Mom say’s we have the best of both worlds.. She has Black Bill out her office window to watch and we have this beautiful back yard and the field with the white fence and a long line of horses coming and going! And we don’t have to feed them or clean up after them or any of the stuff people complain about. We just get to look and play with them :)
We’ve had a black horse and white horse and a pair of Hurricane Horses and the red horse and the dark horse, the black horse out the office and now the MINI! Life is good!HI COUSIN NIKKI. .... Mom in PURPLE :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Chapter 24/Oh the PAIN!

Chapter 24/ PAINful Monday

OK.. today Mom had a Pain.. Now mom always has pain but this was a PAIN so not sure how long todays events will be.

After my usual morning walk with my Fred and his Dean… I decided to stretch out in the gorgeous sun in my favorite spot across Emmett Stone Lane, so that I can keep an eye out on the WHOLE neighborhood. But it was so sunny and not raining and I just drifted off in this most delightful dream~~~~~~~~ only to be awoken by these obnoxious young Dog neighbors that have NO business being in my area! They were circling around and around me and finally I just got up and started jumping and playing with them. Hey, this old girl’s still got it and we cannot have them thinking they intimidate me. THEY DO NOT.. Well about this time I hear Mom calling PENNY!!!!!!!!! She calls me home and makes me and little brother come in the house because that’s what Mom’s do when your having fun!

But in just a little while I’m back outside and curl up inside my Igloo and Little Bro is out chasing invisible bugs or whatever it is that he does!

Anyway, about noonish, I hear the deck door open and here comes Mom! Of course she has annoying on her leash.. heh heh heh.. and we head right down to Angel Crest Lane. I knew my sad days were over! In just about a half a second Little Brother comes a running or hopping, whatever they call what felines do. And were OFF!!!!!!!

Now we had a very bad storm yesterday, with wind and thunder and even “Tomatoe” warnings! So we still have lots of water standing around, but our little lane is not the “Little Mississippi” any more.

We all take our turns on the little curved bridge we love so much!And down by our Pond where the Pond people have their fishing cabin. I love going all the way to the end, but this time, we went even further! We went about half way over to the little fishing cabin. We have never been that close and my heart was pitter patting! Maybe one day soon Mom will let us go all the way over there and snoop around.

Oh and Bill has a new Equine friend. We don’t know his name yet but we suspect it will be Bill the second.. Since that’s what Bitty calls all horses :) This is Bill and Bill :)

And then I decide to just barely tiptoe in the water, but you know how that goes. I just have to wade and Little Bro, got so excited I thought he was going to come in with me! (Look close Little Brother is in Camoflage!)The Fish that Lil Brother Did NOT catch :)

Mom’s going to post the pictures on here and you WILL notice that most of them are of Little Brother.. I’m of the opinion that she really favor’s him, but that’s ok, cuz I know I’m TOP DOG :)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chapter 23 1/2/ Little Brother's Antics!

Little Bro LOVES to roll in the drive way. In fact Dad has had to stop the truck and get out and chase him, because he gets so in to it! I wonder if there is catnip in the concrete!

This is why we laugh at Little Brother when his little bitty tootsies have to touch WATER! HA..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Chapter 23/Finally Friday

Some times I get sad. Some times I get very very sad. Sometimes I won’t even leave my Igloo all day because I’m sad. Sometimes I won't even eat and get very thin.One time I got so sad Mom took me to Doctor Amy because she thought something was very wrong. What was wrong was my big sister had died and gone to Doggy Heaven and I loved her very much. So I just lay for months and had my saddest of all sad faces on! Finally things started looking up again and I started playing outside with Mom and Dad and the little people that visit and I was ok :)

Well this week I’ve been sad again because Mom has been walking with me every day and she just stopped. Every day I wait for that door to open and for she and I to head down Angel Crest Lane, but she just has been “under the weather”. And let me tell you, we’ve had some weather to be UNDER!

But this morning I was up bright and early, because Dad had to go to work and it was pouring down rain, but you just will not believe what I saw! There was my Fred! And his Dean was with him and they were walking in the rain! It was so exciting, I bounded out to greet them, cuz I just know they need my assistance in their morning walk. We made quite a beautiful parade, even if Mom had to take the picture though the window!

So after I got thoroughly WET, I came back in and crawled back in my Igloo with the heater on…ahhhh it was so pleasant :)

After a wonderful morning nap, the sun started to show a little and I hear the sweet sound of my name being called. WHERE is that coming from??? OH It is MOM it is it is! I almost trip over my own feet trying to get out the garage door! And you know Little Brother and Annoying are not going to miss this outing! There we are off down Angel Crest lane. Oh happiness happiness. Well, we didn’t go very far down because we have our mini version of the Mississippi River flowing over the Lane! So we head back up towards Riley Creek Road.

Along the way, I point out some beautiful purple flowers and Mom took my picture in front of them. “blush blush”. We decide to head back across the lawn because it’s kind of wet on everyone. Watching Little Brother in anything even slightly wet is totally hysterical. He takes one step and shakes his little paw.. And another step and shakes another little paw and another step and another paw :-)we all laugh at him. Annoying of course just dives right in, never mind that Dad just gave her a bath and combed her! Oh he’s not going to like this at all.

Across the lawn we go and we pass by Mom’s “Deer”. Now Mom’s deer is not real, you see. It is a statue like she has all over her yard, but if you just glance at it, it looks real! One day when we first moved to this house we had some neighbors that had 3 Pit Bulls. And they came in to our yard (which mom didn’t like not even one little bit!) but then those stupid Pit Bulls surrounded that STONE deer and barked and bit at it for about 15 minutes! I stayed very close to the house but Mom and Dad watched from the window and laughed all day!

Well anyway, back to our walk and our story :) Mom is headed for the mailbox when this car goes speeding by.. She hollers at me PENNY NO!!!!!!! Oh darn…I just have to chase rrrrrr run beside it in my very own yard! So she is fussing and fussing at me and that darn car turns around and speeds back down the road and off I go again. We just can’t have them doing that! Now Mom is really mad at me. Thank goodness Lil Bro is already to the house and Annoying is on the leash, or she would have REALLY been mad at me. Ooooooooooo well, it was a wonderful, but brief little walk and even if Mom did get mad at me she gave me a treat and I’m not sad anymore!:)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chapter 22/ It's Spring.. It's Spring!!! It REALLY IS


Oh yawn stretch……oh it’s cold in my igloo even with the heat on ….I need to get out and loosen up my old joints and bones!

OH WOW! It’s Sunny and cold but I know what today is…IT’S THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Round and Round the house I go. Tending to my business, checking out all of Mom and Dad’s stuff, making sure no one snuck up on me in my deep nights sleep!

Mom say’s when I run around the house and in the yard she can see musical notes fly from my feet and my wagging tail :) That makes me Happy!.

Oh Guess WHO…. It’s my most favorite Walker FRED!!!!!!!! Now that’s the way to start a day. Fred had his “Dean” with him and she likes me a lot. I escorted them all the way to the end of Emmett Stone Lane and then back to their house! Now this is the way to start this beautiful spring day! You have to look close, but there I am leading them down the Lane!

But after this long stroll I really need my morning nap and stretch out in the warm sun. mmmmmmm I’m looking for a good spot. I know..Right here under the bird feeder in front of Mom’s window! Brilliant idea.. That way, I can keep “Lil Bro” away from the birds, and I can see when Mom comes in to look out.This is the view Mom has of me when she looks out.. She say's it's her vertical blinds, I say it looks like I'm in JAIL!

Mom’s been walking with me every morning so I KNOW she won’t miss the first day of spring. Not a chance. I’m drifting…drifting…….drifting off in to a deep “nap”.. Dreaming..dreaming dreaming about birds, lil brother, mom, spring and chasing little bunnies…snore…sigh……

Way off in the recesses of my dream I hear the sweet sounds of my name. Penny..Penny…Penny…PENNY!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it’s MOM!

And there she is with “Annoying” on her leash ..heh heh heh..and we’re OFF! Down Angel Crest Lane, around the beautiful white fence we love so much. Just sucking in this beautiful crisp cool FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

Then we get to the end of where the beautiful white fence turns and Mom does not turn around! I can’t believe it, I don’t know if I can contain the joy! We are going to walk around the pond! Oh Joy oh Joy! This is just my most favorite place in my neighborhood! There is a bridge I can just go over and back and over and back and then there is the POND! The beautiful pond I love so much.

Off we go down to the side of the pond.. hmmmmm now I’m thinking.. I remember how cold it was this morning.. Do I REALLY want to just go jump in..Do I.. Do I??? Maybe I’ll just trot around real close to it and sniff the beautiful fresh “first day of spring” air.. I’m loving this so much I can’t even tell you.

I even found some lovely bright yellow Dandelions! I tried eating them, but Mom didn’t think that was such a good idea. But boy they smelled good.

Now remember “Annoying” is on her leash. That is for a couple of reason’s..She doesn’t mind..She thinks she’s a pit bull and she tries to chase Bill the horse! But Bill is waaaaaaaaay up in the upper pasture and has to stretch his neck to even see us. But it’s already been settled “Annoying” is on the leash!

O.k. we have made it to the end of the pond and are heading back and I’m thinking and thinking again.. That water is probably very cold and I am 10 years old now.. HEY I’m Penny the Neighborhood Dog! How could I NOT check out the water. AND I am a Lab.. That is as “LABRADOR RETRIEVER” WATER DOG! What was I thinking? So carefully, very carefully I tip toe in…ahhhhhhh it feels so good! I want to just run and dive but mom is so “momish” and she is afraid of me getting a chill or an ear infection or one of those dumb things Mom’s worry about! So out I come cheerfully and obediently, not like Annoying would have :)
Back home we head..leaving our beautiful pond, with the beautiful spring flowers and the lovely First Day of Spring Air!!!!!!! Tomorrow will be another day and then another, up up and away, it’s SPRING TIME ON EMMETT STONE LANE!