Monday, March 30, 2009

Chapter 24/Oh the PAIN!

Chapter 24/ PAINful Monday

OK.. today Mom had a Pain.. Now mom always has pain but this was a PAIN so not sure how long todays events will be.

After my usual morning walk with my Fred and his Dean… I decided to stretch out in the gorgeous sun in my favorite spot across Emmett Stone Lane, so that I can keep an eye out on the WHOLE neighborhood. But it was so sunny and not raining and I just drifted off in this most delightful dream~~~~~~~~ only to be awoken by these obnoxious young Dog neighbors that have NO business being in my area! They were circling around and around me and finally I just got up and started jumping and playing with them. Hey, this old girl’s still got it and we cannot have them thinking they intimidate me. THEY DO NOT.. Well about this time I hear Mom calling PENNY!!!!!!!!! She calls me home and makes me and little brother come in the house because that’s what Mom’s do when your having fun!

But in just a little while I’m back outside and curl up inside my Igloo and Little Bro is out chasing invisible bugs or whatever it is that he does!

Anyway, about noonish, I hear the deck door open and here comes Mom! Of course she has annoying on her leash.. heh heh heh.. and we head right down to Angel Crest Lane. I knew my sad days were over! In just about a half a second Little Brother comes a running or hopping, whatever they call what felines do. And were OFF!!!!!!!

Now we had a very bad storm yesterday, with wind and thunder and even “Tomatoe” warnings! So we still have lots of water standing around, but our little lane is not the “Little Mississippi” any more.

We all take our turns on the little curved bridge we love so much!And down by our Pond where the Pond people have their fishing cabin. I love going all the way to the end, but this time, we went even further! We went about half way over to the little fishing cabin. We have never been that close and my heart was pitter patting! Maybe one day soon Mom will let us go all the way over there and snoop around.

Oh and Bill has a new Equine friend. We don’t know his name yet but we suspect it will be Bill the second.. Since that’s what Bitty calls all horses :) This is Bill and Bill :)

And then I decide to just barely tiptoe in the water, but you know how that goes. I just have to wade and Little Bro, got so excited I thought he was going to come in with me! (Look close Little Brother is in Camoflage!)The Fish that Lil Brother Did NOT catch :)

Mom’s going to post the pictures on here and you WILL notice that most of them are of Little Brother.. I’m of the opinion that she really favor’s him, but that’s ok, cuz I know I’m TOP DOG :)



  1. Watch out for those Tomatoes Penny ....carrie is scared of those too

  2. Sorry the above comment is from Suzy :)

  3. Penny we want that house! Walker would LOVE that pond. He would swim every day!