Monday, August 31, 2009

Mom's Jungle Book

I just knew this was going to be an awesome day! It's Little Bitty's Day and Mom had her garden gloves on! Little Brother Spike was already looking for blue tailed lizards!
Mom's Pool garden had turned into a JUNGLE! Sister Suzy's Lindsey is coming, and this would make him very stressed:)

This is really how I help best.. ahhhhhhhhhh just love those rays~~


Mom just ripped in there with the clippers!!!

Little Bitty and Dad arrived and Bitty LOVES digging in dirt. He filled the big basket for Mom's new flowers:) Of course Annoying has her nose in everything! I found some shade ~

Bitty wanted a picnic so we had one.. He liked the watermelon best.

Little Bro is sneaking up on Annoying sister.. heh heh heh

Bitty is helping Good ole Dad with the Arbor.

Then he helped with the ferns!

He carried about 738 "shovels" of dirt from one place to the next~ He's wearing Mom's gloves:)

This is Bitty with his dirty little face after a busy day.

Mom thinks he's beautiful ~ I do too:)

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's feeling like FAIR TIME~

It's time t0 begin preparing for the Coffee County Fair! Mom and Dad LOVE the fair and love to enter photographs & flowers or plants. And just to make sure they win something I AM in one of them. Bitty is around here more then any of my other kids so there are more pictures of him~ Also Mom is entering a pic for Cuzzin Nikki cuz she didn't get it fixed in time for her fair.. We just know it's going to win:) We have lots of categories and Mom and Dad both take the pictures.. So here it is for this year!

Child Color Mom's PicChild's color Dad's pic

Child'sBlack and White Dad's pic

Child's black and White Mom's pic

Scene Color Dad's pic

Scene Color Mom's pic

Color Scene Wild Card (may make it B &W)

Dad's Scene Black and White

Tina's Computer Enhanced

Mom's Computer Enhanced

Dad's Computer enhanced

Mom's Color Animal

Dad's Color Animal Pic ( I could just spit!)

Mom's Color Adult Pic

Mom's Action Pic

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Lion of the Senate

This afternoon I was watching as thousands of ordinary people standing in line to pay respect to a champion of causes for the underdog, the poor, the disabled, the have nots. Long lines of people of all colors, and ages, Several people in wheel chairs, or children being pushed in wheelchairs.

I suppose I could go on to quote a lot of Ted Kennedy's greatest words etc. but I've decided to just offer my words and memories.

The most vivid memories of him were of him standing and giving the eulogy for his brother Robert. It left such an impression on me because of how his voice broke as he stumbled across the words, trying to express his love for his brother. And I thought, how can he bear this? He buried his 3 older brother's and he was a young man himself.

Teddy was the "wild child" for many years but I remember things began to change after his unsuccessful bid for the nomination against Jimmy Carter. I think he realized at that time, that his time had come and gone and he needed to re evaluate his life.

I will never forget this very sick man, making his entrance at our President's inauguration just a few months ago. I was proud that he got to see that day.
I remember the day his plane crashed and we all held our breath

What will it be like now that we will not have the Liberal Lion that could always reach across the isle to the most radical Conservatives. My prayer is that every one will stop and listen and quit screaming. He listened, he loved his fellow man. That seems to be a novelty today.

I love when his name is always evoked as the "Liberal Kennedy" like that's poison :) He was proud of it. He should have been. And all those that are the beneficiaries of his hard work, should be thankful, and that would be all of us.
And I will end my blog with the end of his speech in 1980
"And may it be said of us, both in dark passages and in bright days, in the words of Tennyson that my brothers quoted and loved, and that have special meaning for me now: "I am a part of all that I have met....Tho much is taken, much abides....That which we are, we are-- One equal temper of heroic hearts, ...strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."
For me, a few hours ago, this campaign came to an end. For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.
Hear this .WAV 173K
Thank you Senator Kennedy, I hope your dreams will come true for this country and our world.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Mood Wednesday!

Today was Little Bitty's Preschool Day. It was Teddy Bear Day and Mom and Dad thought he would be excited.

As soon as he got in the truck the attitude oozed!
Can you just see it?????

When Mom and Dad got him from school, teacher said he was WONDERFUL, just like he always is..ooooooooooo goody! maybe he got over it!
He looks sort of happy!
In to the truck and "I'M HUNGRY I'M HUNGRY" "What do you want to eat?" I WANT A COKE I WANT A COKE.. ewwwwwwww this isn't going well.
Off to Drug store, grocery store and Good Ole Dad bought everyone stuff from Subway.
He ate happily.. Then the growly bear came out again!

He showed his bear the Sunflowers!

He showed Mom his bear picture!

He road his firetruck and admired the flowers!

He even took Mom and Dad's Picture!

I was going rapidly down hill however......... Good Ole Dad said "OK YUM YUM YOUR HEADED HOME!" So he went :( We hope next week is better

Mom remembers Teddy Bear Days being one of the funnest days of the year!

These boys and girls are all grown up and some have preschoolers of their own!

Annoying Little Sister got her hair and nails done this week!

I could just SPIT!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sister Tina's B'Day!!!!!!!!

Today was sister Tina's Birthday! and all she wanted was to go to the Arts and Craft Show and festival:)

Rowdy Jumped on the Bungy!

Bitty did too, but he didn't like it one bit.. No No No!

Sister Tina is telling Precious a joke!

Mom and Bitty have SECRETS!

Precious cracks himself up :)

HEY~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM AND KAT!!!!!! The law is behind you, you better behave!

Now sister Tina and Precious are sharing a SECRET!

Sister Tina has wonderful memories of Church Camp here ~

THE GROUP SHOT! Bitty has chocolate and Precious is sleepy!

Brother Daniel and Sister Tina have precious memories of this place.

Mom thinks it's one of the most beautiful spots this side of heaven.