Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today Mom and Dad went on an adventure! Mostly Mom wanted to go in case cousin Nikki comes again because she keeps up with these Elephants.. This is what it is all about!

Since 1995, 24 elephants have found sanctuary in Tennessee. They live our their lives in freedom to roam the natural habitat of the sanctuary, making new friends and special relation ships as the years pass.

Today this is what Mom and Dad Found!

Lots of VERY long fence with barbed wire!
THE MAIL BOX! They are really really there!

If they had the corrected numbers they could have punched them in and got a private tour! BUT that costs a $2,000 donation for the elephants.. I'm guessin that's not happening today~

A Long empty road and lots and lots of Bamboo!

Do these look like ELEPHANTS????????????

Sighhhhhhhhhhh........ So Mom and Dad do not think they will be seeing any sanctuary Elephants!


  1. That sounded like so much fun! Bummer you didn't get to go!

  2. AAAaaaaaaaaaah MAN! You were soooooooo close! Thank you for finding them for me.

  3. We did find where they were and THAT is a challenge. Remember the movie "Deliverance"?

  4. Deliverance? THAT is not good! LOL that almost made me spit my tea on my monitor.

  5. The website for the sanctuary:
    is wonderful. Too bad we can't visit them but their reluctance to become a "Zoo" is understandable.
    The memorials to the elephants that have passed away are very moving.

  6. Yes.. we have a zoo where we can see Elephants. What they have done is the right thing to do. We sort of thought that maybe there would be a clearing where we could look down on them or something. As Liam says "we were in a JUNGLE!" and the jungle didn't make me as uneasy as the human occupants :)