Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Mood Wednesday!

Today was Little Bitty's Preschool Day. It was Teddy Bear Day and Mom and Dad thought he would be excited.

As soon as he got in the truck the attitude oozed!
Can you just see it?????

When Mom and Dad got him from school, teacher said he was WONDERFUL, just like he always is..ooooooooooo goody! maybe he got over it!
He looks sort of happy!
In to the truck and "I'M HUNGRY I'M HUNGRY" "What do you want to eat?" I WANT A COKE I WANT A COKE.. ewwwwwwww this isn't going well.
Off to Drug store, grocery store and Good Ole Dad bought everyone stuff from Subway.
He ate happily.. Then the growly bear came out again!

He showed his bear the Sunflowers!

He showed Mom his bear picture!

He road his firetruck and admired the flowers!

He even took Mom and Dad's Picture!

I was going rapidly down hill however......... Good Ole Dad said "OK YUM YUM YOUR HEADED HOME!" So he went :( We hope next week is better

Mom remembers Teddy Bear Days being one of the funnest days of the year!

These boys and girls are all grown up and some have preschoolers of their own!

Annoying Little Sister got her hair and nails done this week!

I could just SPIT!


  1. You can definitely see the attitude in that first picture, but the poor boy looks tired mainly, hopefully next week school will go better for the blonde tornado:) We sure do love him xxxooo
    aunt tina

  2. I hope Yummy has a better day next week. Maybe he's just out of the swing of things.
    TS looks just lovely! You want me to paint her nails?

  3. Goodness Sakes!!! What a day! I hope tomorrow is better!!