Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sister Tina's B'Day!!!!!!!!

Today was sister Tina's Birthday! and all she wanted was to go to the Arts and Craft Show and festival:)

Rowdy Jumped on the Bungy!

Bitty did too, but he didn't like it one bit.. No No No!

Sister Tina is telling Precious a joke!

Mom and Bitty have SECRETS!

Precious cracks himself up :)

HEY~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!! MOM AND KAT!!!!!! The law is behind you, you better behave!

Now sister Tina and Precious are sharing a SECRET!

Sister Tina has wonderful memories of Church Camp here ~

THE GROUP SHOT! Bitty has chocolate and Precious is sleepy!

Brother Daniel and Sister Tina have precious memories of this place.

Mom thinks it's one of the most beautiful spots this side of heaven.


  1. It was a gorgeous day, the fair has gotten so much bigger than the last time we went, so glad it was warm (not hot) & breezy. Thanks:) I think it's funny that Riley thought that one house was Falling Water:)

  2. If you can't have secrets with Grandma then who can you have them with?