Monday, August 17, 2009

Jimmmy's VERY big Day TSB! YEAH~

Oh WOW what a day. Mom and Dad got to go with Precious to HIS "Open House" at his school!
Sister Tina and her Wayne and Rowdy went along too and they were not disappointed.
Mom and Rowdy think Precious is going to have some really cool things to play with!
Mom always makes Precious laugh:) and so does Dad~
This is Jimmy's Kindergarten Room! His Teacher is MS D.
MS D has a very busy schedule planned for Precious~
There was so much to take in, Precious didn't know what to think about all of it!
It is a beautiful School. Very warm and inviting with so many fun things to do. The walls are all painted bright beautiful colors so Jimmy and his friends can see them.
Lot's of different rooms for different things, I think Jimmy will like music best!
Everyone they met was very kind and helpful and Precious loved them all and can't wait to get started!
If you can read this you will see what an awesome place this is.
And OH BOY let me tell you about the playground! This was the most awesome playground Mom had ever seen! Rowdy would have liked to play there all day!
Has Mom every told you that Sister Tina is a "Mother Hen" in the nicest of ways :)
The only DOWN side about this is the distance, but it wasn't bad and Sister Tina and Rowdy will stay up there and do their own school while Precious is in his school! It will all work out swimmingly!

Precious loves his Daddy very much~ It was a HOT HOT day~

This is a picture from the sky. It is a BIG school and a cool school. They are doing some new construction so it looks a little different now. Mom and Dad want to come back to visit with The Teacher and the Assistant that Precious will have and to meet all his little friends! This is SO exciting (do you think they would let me go?)


  1. This sounds like a wonderful school for Jimmy.

  2. Penny you can come and visit sometime FOR SURE!:)

  3. What a beautiful school for Jimmy ....I can't believe he is starting kindergarten~

  4. Wow! What a big school! I'm sure he'll navigate quite well!