Friday, August 28, 2009

It's feeling like FAIR TIME~

It's time t0 begin preparing for the Coffee County Fair! Mom and Dad LOVE the fair and love to enter photographs & flowers or plants. And just to make sure they win something I AM in one of them. Bitty is around here more then any of my other kids so there are more pictures of him~ Also Mom is entering a pic for Cuzzin Nikki cuz she didn't get it fixed in time for her fair.. We just know it's going to win:) We have lots of categories and Mom and Dad both take the pictures.. So here it is for this year!

Child Color Mom's PicChild's color Dad's pic

Child'sBlack and White Dad's pic

Child's black and White Mom's pic

Scene Color Dad's pic

Scene Color Mom's pic

Color Scene Wild Card (may make it B &W)

Dad's Scene Black and White

Tina's Computer Enhanced

Mom's Computer Enhanced

Dad's Computer enhanced

Mom's Color Animal

Dad's Color Animal Pic ( I could just spit!)

Mom's Color Adult Pic

Mom's Action Pic


  1. I think they are all winners! However, I like your color scene the best and then Your color adult. I know you didn't ask. :)

  2. But I value your unbiased opinion :)

  3. Lets see, I like scene bolor, your pic; chid's color, dad's pic; and the tulip one...secretly Lee was in the background until someone took him out ;). Good luck!