Thursday, August 6, 2009


Walter Cronkite

Because I was “indisposed” when Mr. Cronkite passed away, this may seem a bit odd. But he’s been on my list to post since I returned.

I think if you looked up the first Amendment in the dictionary or Encyclopedia or whatever, you would find Walter Cronkite's name. He embodied what a Journalist was and should be. Now I’m not moaning about the “good ole days” being gone. If fact, I tend to think the good ole days were not so good. But he was a JOURNALIST. Not a Celebrity/Commentator (whatever that is) He was a journalist. He reported to us every night and made us feel everything was ok.

He was the one who told me our handsome young president was dead..and we some how have never felt safe since. He was excited and thrilled when the first astronauts were sent in to space. He held us breathless when we landed on the moon.. He covered presidential conventions, both parties, and made us feel we were part of the process. He was always proud of those that did good, no matter on what “side” and didn’t hide his pleasure or displeasure but without the vicious hate that we see spewed out on a nightly basis now

I have watched very little tv news since 9/11. Because that is when the irrational hating began. But I did use to watch CNN and HLN.. HLN has turned in to a silly screaming celebrity watch thing and CNN has moments of sanity but this cebricomentators are creeping on to that network too. I absolutely will not watch any of the other cable “news” . They don’t do news they just open their mouths and vomit out whatever twisted disgusting thing they can think of. I think that Bill, Chris, Sean, Keith, Rachel, Glenn and all the rest of the haters should be put in a room and forced to listen to about 48 hours straight of Walter Cronkite. They will be quick to say they are not “journalist” if they are called on some remark but then turn around and declare they are journalists in another interview.. And when did SARCASM become the norm in broadcasting! I know some who actually do get their news from the comedy channel. Now while it might be entertaining, its not news!

Some of the Network News is ok, I can sit through Brian Williams and the Public TV news is ok but a bit dry. The major networks seem to be the least offensive, however, I’ve seen cable trash on there too. Taken directly from some of those “Commentators” disguising themselves as Journalists.
And it was not that Walter Cronkite didn't have a sense of humor.. I've seem him pull Practical jokes on people and belly laugh over things.. I've also read he was a big Grateful Dead fan!

I loved Walter and Chet and David. I’m not pining for the “good ole days”(like segregation and no rights for women) but I just wish the networks could have one hour of non partisan non hate, non sarcastic garbage. But they are living under the same 1st Amendments rights that Walter Cronkite lived under and we live in a country that allows it. I don’t want that to change, I just want a little responsibility and for everyone to take a deep breath and LISTEN not scream!

Thank you Walter Cronkite for all you gave us.


  1. Loved your blog Mom......We are living in times where I wish we had our own "Cronkite" Love U!

  2. Walter Cronkite was always my favorite too. I confess that I get most of my in-depth coverage from Jon Stewart but I feel like I equal that out with The McLauglin Group, but yes, when the news became "entertainment", it was not a good thing, but you can still get pretty good information from the google news page:)

  3. Tina.. I know you don't get news from Jon S. but some people do. and yes 99% of my news comes from Google and MSN. But the net can be gossipy too but at least they don't SCREAM at you :)