Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hurricane Season!

Were exhausted...what a Day! Cuzzin, Sister Tina and my 3 boys were here and it RAINED AND RAINED and it was VERY HOT.. I love it :)
Bitty, Rowdy and Dad rode bikes in the rain~~ Don't cha just love it?

We are all hot wet and happy~~~


  1. Does it only rain when company is there? :)

  2. No Nikki, but it does always rain when company is here:) We had a fun day & I ate & ate & & chocolate cake:)

  3. Nikki can you tell who is just slightly PMSing????????? She gained 10 pounds yesterday~

  4. If it's sprinkling outside and I tell my kids to go outside they look at me like I've lost my mind. The rain??? they say? And I say back to them, 'what you think you are going to melt or something? Made of sugar are ya? Get outside and play in the rain, it's not going to kill you! And they do and then when they come back in side they always tell me how much fun that was.

    It's fun playing in the rain sometimes, something different.