Saturday, August 8, 2009


Helloooooooo Everybodeeeeeee it's me your favorite Penny!!!!! I'm ready to greet my PEEPS!

Lil Bro and I are always on the ALERT!!!!!!!!

Me Penny..Saying Hello to the Customers!

This is one of my most favorite times of the year. I have a Yard Sale..well, errr... I guess officially it's Mom and Dad's.. But they Could NOT do it without me. Not am I only Emmett Stone Lane's Wonder Dog, I'm the Official greeter of ALL things that go on on my Lane.. Some times the neighbors have yard sales, and I'm on duty at the crack of dawn!
Not everyone appreciates me, but most people just oooooo and ahhhhh and pat me on the head and the little girls and boys hug me and I just love it so much it's heaven to me.. The only DOWN side to this is they usually spot sister "Annoying" and they just go Ga Ga over her and that just makes me want to spit!
Excuse the blurred pic but Annoying had a major "tude" all day today. She growled at everyone! Just who does she think she is????????
but I do take it like a lady and look mournfully at them and that usually diverts their attention.
Lil Brother Spike's job is to stalk everyone. Very few people ever know he's around! But he is! he's right there behind that leaf or table leg or something, just waiting and watching. I wonder what goes on in that boys mind some times.
Spike doing his "Regal" imitation:)
Mom and Dad picked two of the hottest days of the year to hold "their" yard sale, but it didn't slow people down.
I found Annoying's adorable little "water dish" gag oh gag oh gag! But I drank it all heh heh heh~
We had a steady group of admirer's arriving both Fri and Sat.
Rowdy and Precious were here most of the day Friday and provided much entertainment. Rowdy is "Mr. Personality" and demonstrates all of Mom and Dad's wares for the customers :)
This is Rowdy entertaining people with his bike and skate board tricks~
and Precious, is just adorable, winning plenty of ooo's and ahhs too~ He doesn't have to do anything but smile and giggle and for some reason he thinks everything Mom does is hysterical!
This is Precious just being PRECIOUS~
So we had the big sale, we survived and we cleared $186.57! That's not bad for just a years worth of excess clutter~ Dear Ole Dad carried the remainder off to Goodwill and someone will enjoy it in the future!
Tomorrow we all get to rest!!!!!!!

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