Monday, August 31, 2009

Mom's Jungle Book

I just knew this was going to be an awesome day! It's Little Bitty's Day and Mom had her garden gloves on! Little Brother Spike was already looking for blue tailed lizards!
Mom's Pool garden had turned into a JUNGLE! Sister Suzy's Lindsey is coming, and this would make him very stressed:)

This is really how I help best.. ahhhhhhhhhh just love those rays~~


Mom just ripped in there with the clippers!!!

Little Bitty and Dad arrived and Bitty LOVES digging in dirt. He filled the big basket for Mom's new flowers:) Of course Annoying has her nose in everything! I found some shade ~

Bitty wanted a picnic so we had one.. He liked the watermelon best.

Little Bro is sneaking up on Annoying sister.. heh heh heh

Bitty is helping Good ole Dad with the Arbor.

Then he helped with the ferns!

He carried about 738 "shovels" of dirt from one place to the next~ He's wearing Mom's gloves:)

This is Bitty with his dirty little face after a busy day.

Mom thinks he's beautiful ~ I do too:)


  1. Wow you guys had a productive day! Way to go.

  2. Now is that an exact count of the shovels of dirt or just an estimate? :) Penny you are the best helper ever!