Friday, July 31, 2009

Godspeed Chief Mott

Good Bye and Good Luck and we all love you!

The head of "B" shift "Mottley's Crew" Jay Mott :)

Today was a special day for Mom! She had a date :) She had a date with "Little Bitty". Today they had a big ole party for the Fire chief! Good Ole Dad loves the chief and is sad that he is leaving, so Mom got her rear in gear and dear brother Daniel and his Kat brought "Little Bitty" over and helped get him in Mom's car and off they went!
Our "Mom"
They had to stop at security and get important badges and stuff~ I don't know why I don't get to do special stuff like that! And this was a BIG surprise for Dear Ole Dad and for the Chief and for all the other amazing EMS workers. I love fireman. I love fireman better then almost anyone. Remember the one that Lil bro out of the tree???? Anyhoo, Little Bitty got to see the GREAT BIG Firetrucks and he was impressed! He did NOT want to sit in one though, nope, not one little bit. Scary things those big trucks.
Bitty had a GENUINE fire shirt!
Dear Ole Dad had to change Bitty's diaper and put him on the Stretcher to do it! LOL Mom thought that was very funny and Bitty asked his Papa if "Him was a Doctor?" So Mom and Bitty and Dad all had a wonderful wonderful time even if it is sad to tell the Chief goodbye:(

HEY WAIT A MINUTE.. JUST WAIT A GOSH DARN MINUTE! How come MY "walkers" from Emmett Stone Lane, got to go to the party and I didn't???? If I didn't love them so much I might get miffed.

The Chief gave Ms Irene a ring! Mom wants to know if she gets diamonds when dad retires!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thankful Tues

I'm thankful for my bed. This is the "view" I had for 7 days and 6 night's :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Day With my Peeps!

Oh Boy Oh Boy, I knew this was going to be an exciting day. I just KNEW it. I knew this cuz Mom was up bright and early all showered and dressed and that never happens :)

Why is it that Lil Bro has all the privileges????? But I know a big day is coming!

And then just GUESS who arrived!!!!!! My 3 Favorite Boys in the whole wide word! Rowdy, Precious and Little Bitty all dressed in their Bible School shirts:) Aren't we handsome?

First thing they did is they all went swimming.. WHICH I might interject, I think is wrong.. WRONG WRONG WRONG.. you don't let babies in that big scary pool. I do not like it I do not like it one little bitty bit!

Mom thinks I'm funny cuz I guard them but it's my job!

Good Ole Dad cooked us hamburgers and hot dogs! and then all my Peeps..Sister Tina and her little boys, brother Daniel and his Kat and of course Little Bitty all ate!

Little Bitty knows how to BURP.. I mean BURP with a capital RRRRRRRRUP.. Precious thinks it's so funny that he just nearly turns inside out~ Mom's sorry if you can't get the video, but it's SO worth it if you can :)

Mom almost let him fall thru the cracks he was laughing so hard!

911 911~~~~~~~~~ MOM JUMPED UP AND HOLLERED and we were right on it. You just won't believe what happened, right in the middle of LUNCH !

uhhhhhhh hey humans! we need HELP~

I think Bill could ESCAPE.. Come on Brother Daniel, Come on Dad.. oh never mind, Bitty and Rowdy are right on it :)

Hmmmmmm Me Penny the Wonderdog and a Chain saw.. Just thinkin~

No I forgot Little Bitty is really in charge ~

So they all come back and Dear Ole Dad, Rowdy and Bitty all take a swim....oh and Annoying too, I think Mom has avoided all "Cute" pictures of her and her new float.(I could just spit)

Hmmmmmmmmm Dad's not around................ no one is paying any attention:) uhhhhh why are these hamburgers and hot dogs just laying there???????????

Now does life get better then this??????

But just when I turn my back, they have let that BABY go swimming and he's in that great big pool all alone. Mom did not like it one bit, no she did not!

The end of a very very good day.

I love my little boys..I wish they could live with me~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Last night I saw Paul!!!!!!! He still looks like Paul. I love Paul :) I was going to marry him, never mind that I was already married!

I was never a huge Beatle fan. There are a handful of songs I love, because I was in the Elvis generation.
But I loved Paul! I actually seriously dated a boy that could be Paul's brother~ I'll leave it there cuz my sister could probably identify him!
And I certainly remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. That was when TV was exciting :) was fun seeing him was fun seeing him sing.... It was nice not to hear the gossip junk. He's adorable!
When I was in England we toured Winchester Cathedral.. Eloise and I sang it all the way down the Isle. There were beautiful little boys in there practicing. It's a beautiful place.
We also saw the little houses in the row that Paul owns on the beach. We wanted to stop and go knock on all the little bitty doors!

So these are my thoughts for the day. It's my blog, I can think about Paul McCartney :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sweet Southern Summers

Mom again~ Penny is not very active in the heat of the summer as none of us are but boy do we love it:)

I was trying to think of what I was most thankful for this week and while sitting outside late last night I thought ahhhhhhhhhhh this is about as close to heaven as I can get tonight. I just love it in Tennessee in the summer as the sunsets and the moon rises.

I love the warm humid air, I love the sweet smell of honeysuckles, I love the sound of tree frogs and the Cicadas! I thought last summer we were suppose to get the cicada's and was disappointed that my little nephew didn't get to see them but they have arrived! They are so loud it's almost piercing but I love it.

If we sit on the deck in back we can see the moon and stars like they are right there to pick and a full moon lights up all the way over past the horse pasture. It's just breathtaking.

We spend a lot of time sitting mostly on the front porch because it's cooler and we can keep up with our neighbors. I have a swing with a long pillow and two small pillows and a shrub that's growing up from the flowers, so I'm really unseen by the ordinary traffic. I lay there and my saint and I talk and listen and laugh.

And yes I love the storms.. Please don't hate me! I don't like the wind, not any season of the year(with the exception of a very hot summer afternoon) But I love the thunder and lightening and the "gully washing rain". It is exciting to me and afterwards it's all so sweet and fresh. A year or so ago lightening struck the tree next to our garage and wiped out our TV and my router. That was a bit of a bummer but we did get a nice big flat screen tv out of it:) thank goodness for Home Owners insurance. and I am aware that lightening is dangerous but I dare say not any more dangerous then when I drive across the county and back!

I do have one funny story about the storm the other night. We have a frog that sings to us every night when we sit out there and after the storm he sounded like a teenage boy whose voice had changed! I think he must have got a jolt or something from the lightening :) I'm going to attach a little video of the storm the other night. It doesn't do it justice but we thought it was fun, UNTIL we didn't have power for most of the night and most of the next day!

So any way I love and am thankful for our Sweet Southern Nights...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Unsettling Week

This week I watched two funerals on TV. Both had thousands of people in attendance both were well known. The celebrity I'm sure outweighing the Football player. Both were black men, both had little children.. 7 little children all together. Both loved their kids but both were also very human and made human mistakes.
I'll admit that I've had a difficult time all week feeling a lot of sympathy for Steve McNair. Probably because I had 2 young girls I sent off to college and I have a young granddaughter that will be leaving home and going in another couple of years. I can so see how very young girls get stars in their eyes and can get in way over their heads. And I think that's what happened to a very young "Kid" named Sahel Kazemi. I pray for her family.
But after all the Titans and dignitaries from Nashville finished.. Steve's preacher from Mt Zion Baptist Church in Nashville preached his sermon. He said a lot of things but what got my attention and what brought tears to my eyes was his story of Lazarus and the story of the Prostitute from the Bible. He ended that portion of his sermon with these words "What this world needs is a "Stone Dropping Ceremony" in all churches. In other words He who is without sin, cast the first stone. I loved the analogy.
And although I will admit I can live a lifetime without Al Sharpton, his words were awesome. I loved that he spoke to the children.
Both of these men did great things in their lives and helped many others, countless others that we will never know of. I'm going to remember that.
Now I do NOT want to know all the sordid details of their lives, I do not want to see some doctor trying to make a name for himself on Larry King suggesting he is the father of some of these little kids.. I do NOT want to hear the details of what went on the last 48 hours of Steve's life. Lets just remember the goodness and let authorities and those that need to know have the information.
Next week will be better.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday

Christmas 1951
Happy Birthday dear Mama...Happy Birthday dear Uncle...

Some people say they would not change anything in their life if they could go back.. That always amazes me! Man I would change almost EVERYTHING.. I'd be so perfect no one could stand me :) And I'd probably have a lot more fun and self confidence.

One think I would never EVER change is spending the last few years of my mother's life with her. To me it was a precious gift. If any of you ever have that opportunity, embrace it because it's a gift you will treasure. Also I'm so grateful for every time I went out of my way to visit my Uncle when we traveled back to Washington. Some times it wasn't convenient and some times I left feeling not so good but looking back, I'm glad I went. And I never missed a time, not once in the nearly 50 years I've lived away. That I would not change. I've always loved him dearly.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!


When Little Bitty arrives I can't stop wagging my tail. He just makes me happy :)

He came to help Dad and Mom celebrate Independence Day!

Of course they left me home.......grrrrrrrrrr:( But they got chairs and blankets and drinks and all that good stuff and went to an Air Show!

Mom and Bitty were just a little scared!

But Mostly they thought it was fun!

Bitty was very amazed that a GIRL was flying the plane!

And then the FIREWORKS started! and they don't know this but I was hiding in my igloo with my paws over my ears!
But Little Bitty LOVED it!

He loves his Papa's HAT!What a Goofy boy!

Little Bitty is Saluting his Papa (Dear Ole Dad) cause he's our Veteran of the day :)Little Bro Spike thinks he's hiding behind the corn~ heh heh heh~

Sigh............... the end of our Nations Birthday~

Nashville is sad tonight...we lost one of the good guys.

Steve McNair

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Good Summer Afternoon~

HELLOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!!! Why can't anyone see me??????? I want a snack! Why is Annoying so darn privileged! IRRITATING.. Come on..some one be on MY side!

Rowdy and Precious came to see Mom and Dad while sister Tina had a tooth fixed!

Precious entertained Mom by rolling on the floor and playing with Elmo! They make each other laugh:)

Rowdy and dear old Dad planted tomatoes, picked berries and painted!

Mom had a very good day~

This is how Mom and Dad spend evenings.....I do NOT LIKE THE can see the bottom.. I don't like that~This sort of video just makes me want to spit again!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thanks Dad!!!!!

Mom had a blog about Precious and Rowdy!!!! Dad has half the pictures on his camera at work:(

Precious with Singing Elmo~