Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America!


When Little Bitty arrives I can't stop wagging my tail. He just makes me happy :)

He came to help Dad and Mom celebrate Independence Day!

Of course they left me home.......grrrrrrrrrr:( But they got chairs and blankets and drinks and all that good stuff and went to an Air Show!

Mom and Bitty were just a little scared!

But Mostly they thought it was fun!

Bitty was very amazed that a GIRL was flying the plane!

And then the FIREWORKS started! and they don't know this but I was hiding in my igloo with my paws over my ears!
But Little Bitty LOVED it!

He loves his Papa's HAT!What a Goofy boy!

Little Bitty is Saluting his Papa (Dear Ole Dad) cause he's our Veteran of the day :)Little Bro Spike thinks he's hiding behind the corn~ heh heh heh~

Sigh............... the end of our Nations Birthday~

Nashville is sad tonight...we lost one of the good guys.

Steve McNair