Friday, July 31, 2009

Godspeed Chief Mott

Good Bye and Good Luck and we all love you!

The head of "B" shift "Mottley's Crew" Jay Mott :)

Today was a special day for Mom! She had a date :) She had a date with "Little Bitty". Today they had a big ole party for the Fire chief! Good Ole Dad loves the chief and is sad that he is leaving, so Mom got her rear in gear and dear brother Daniel and his Kat brought "Little Bitty" over and helped get him in Mom's car and off they went!
Our "Mom"
They had to stop at security and get important badges and stuff~ I don't know why I don't get to do special stuff like that! And this was a BIG surprise for Dear Ole Dad and for the Chief and for all the other amazing EMS workers. I love fireman. I love fireman better then almost anyone. Remember the one that Lil bro out of the tree???? Anyhoo, Little Bitty got to see the GREAT BIG Firetrucks and he was impressed! He did NOT want to sit in one though, nope, not one little bit. Scary things those big trucks.
Bitty had a GENUINE fire shirt!
Dear Ole Dad had to change Bitty's diaper and put him on the Stretcher to do it! LOL Mom thought that was very funny and Bitty asked his Papa if "Him was a Doctor?" So Mom and Bitty and Dad all had a wonderful wonderful time even if it is sad to tell the Chief goodbye:(

HEY WAIT A MINUTE.. JUST WAIT A GOSH DARN MINUTE! How come MY "walkers" from Emmett Stone Lane, got to go to the party and I didn't???? If I didn't love them so much I might get miffed.

The Chief gave Ms Irene a ring! Mom wants to know if she gets diamonds when dad retires!


  1. I'm so glad you felt up to going and had a wonderful date with Bitty. I think you should get diamonds right now! Why should you have to wait?

  2. So glad U got to go...The picture of Liam by the firetruck is sooo cute! I love Firemen too, especially my Daddy!

  3. That was sweet the Chief gave Ms. Irene a ring...and Bitty looked like he was over the moon!