Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Good Summer Afternoon~

HELLOOOOOOOO PEOPLE!!!!!!! Why can't anyone see me??????? I want a snack! Why is Annoying so darn privileged! IRRITATING.. Come on..some one be on MY side!

Rowdy and Precious came to see Mom and Dad while sister Tina had a tooth fixed!

Precious entertained Mom by rolling on the floor and playing with Elmo! They make each other laugh:)

Rowdy and dear old Dad planted tomatoes, picked berries and painted!

Mom had a very good day~

This is how Mom and Dad spend evenings.....I do NOT LIKE THE can see the bottom.. I don't like that~This sort of video just makes me want to spit again!


  1. I see you peeking in the window Penny! I would have let you in. Those are some beautiful berries.

  2. Indeed those berries do look yummy!