Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Last night I saw Paul!!!!!!! He still looks like Paul. I love Paul :) I was going to marry him, never mind that I was already married!

I was never a huge Beatle fan. There are a handful of songs I love, because I was in the Elvis generation.
But I loved Paul! I actually seriously dated a boy that could be Paul's brother~ I'll leave it there cuz my sister could probably identify him!
And I certainly remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. That was when TV was exciting :) was fun seeing him was fun seeing him sing.... It was nice not to hear the gossip junk. He's adorable!
When I was in England we toured Winchester Cathedral.. Eloise and I sang it all the way down the Isle. There were beautiful little boys in there practicing. It's a beautiful place.
We also saw the little houses in the row that Paul owns on the beach. We wanted to stop and go knock on all the little bitty doors!

So these are my thoughts for the day. It's my blog, I can think about Paul McCartney :)


  1. When you marry Paul it will give me hope for the OTHER men in my'll give hope to the rest of us! :)

  2. He is still dream...& what a great personality too:)