Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday

Christmas 1951
Happy Birthday dear Mama...Happy Birthday dear Uncle...

Some people say they would not change anything in their life if they could go back.. That always amazes me! Man I would change almost EVERYTHING.. I'd be so perfect no one could stand me :) And I'd probably have a lot more fun and self confidence.

One think I would never EVER change is spending the last few years of my mother's life with her. To me it was a precious gift. If any of you ever have that opportunity, embrace it because it's a gift you will treasure. Also I'm so grateful for every time I went out of my way to visit my Uncle when we traveled back to Washington. Some times it wasn't convenient and some times I left feeling not so good but looking back, I'm glad I went. And I never missed a time, not once in the nearly 50 years I've lived away. That I would not change. I've always loved him dearly.


  1. Happy Birthday Grandma Arizona & Uncle Lyle.

  2. Today I am feeling sad. I miss our mama.

  3. Happy Birthday Grandma and Uncle Lyle!

  4. I miss her too. I was going to write a whole bunch and do pictures, but it's too hard.