Thursday, October 7, 2010

PNW Tour Day 5

We wake up at our NIKKI'S!!!!!! YEAH US:)

Got to see Tyler before he crashed(he's working nights)

After experiencing beautiful weather for the first 4 days it is pouring down rain ~ How new and unusual this is Washington! Nikki assures us it has not rained in weeks! hummmp.

Anyway, we do not want to waste a day and Everett is having a City Wide Yard Sale.
And if for no other reason, it's lovely to nose around the houses and look at flowers.

The little boys (and the big boys) both found something
and I found a "Sunshine" bear for Caroline. The old houses in the neighborhood that we walked thru were just BEAUTIFUL. I love the gardens and the lovely old homes.
It didn't just pour down rain all the time so we were able to walk and look and enjoyed it.

After lunch at a KFC

and drying out a bit, we took off for Kayak Point.

That is where Nikki's family was planning their family reunion and she wanted us to see it.
The little boys burst out of the car

and were off

and running!
We wanted to see a whale but no such luck. Nikki CLAIMS she saw one there before :)

We did see lots of crabs. Lots and lots of crabs.
This is really a beautiful view and even with the drizzle

We saw lots of birds and we saw an alligator on the shore line :)

Back to Nikki's and to another wonderful meal! and a lovely bed to sleep in!