Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Boy's/Chapter 11

MY BOYS! /Chapter 11

Yawn…………stretch………. Oh my it’s cold! Yesterday I played outside all day and this morning if I take a step outside of my “Igloo” I’m a pop cycle! Don’t people understand about my old bones??? The new bed and carpet REALLY helped though!

I’ve tried all morning to find a warm spot! The sun is shining, but it’s just too cold for this “senior” lady! I took up my spot across the road, where I can keep an eye on the entire neighborhood but it’s windy and I can’t get comfortable.. Mom must have seen me out of her office window because she just opened the door and HOLLERED PENNNNNNNNNNNNY!!!!!!!! I have this slight hearing problem you see. Well, I have it when I choose not to hear but I heard her and I bounded across the yard into the house and back to the big bathroom where there is a rug and a heater! Sigh……..happiness. Sheer happiness.

Oh oh…I hear voices.. Little boy voices! Could this be???? Could my very own little boy’s be here???????? Oh joy oh joy…. Here is “Rowdy” boy, “Precious” boy and “Little Bitty” tumbling into Mom’s kitchen.. Along of course with my human sister Tina, who is Mama or Aunt Tina to the mix!

Oh my it sounds like world war three going off in there, I think I’ll just stay here in my bathroom and pretend I’m invisible till the coast is clear!

There is one glorious thing when little boys are around.. FOOD.. Lots of Food… What isn’t on the floor where “Annoying” keeps watch is scooped up and put in MY BOWL!
So I had to come out…I just had to.. Spaghetti, hamburgers, cheese sandwiches! Oh my oh my.

“Annoying” had the most marvelous day, which always taints my outlook somewhat! She loves to play cars and fetch with her stupid little toys. So when boys are around she does have fun. Not so much for “Lil Brother Spike”.. Little Bitty decided to carry him across the room by his neck! Now, I found this mildly amusing, but Spike “Disappeared” for the next couple of hours. Odd, how he reappeared the moment they left :)

Oh before I forget again, my report card from the resort is on here too. Spike got one too, but since his could be considered slightly superior to mine, his you will not see!

Happy New Year Everyone! Dad just gave me an arthritis pill, that makes me feel better on cold nights.. HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!!

It Doesn't Get Any Better!/Chapter 10

It Doesn’t Get Any Better/Chapter 10

Here it is the day after arriving home from our Christmas Vacation and we get stuff! WONDERFUL STUFF! Mom, and Dad have sort of been worrying about me in the cold garage on these cold January nights we have in Tennessee. Lil Brother Spike and me have a heater, which is kinda ok, but I have OLD BONES! And it’s a big garage.

So anyhow, Dad and Mom left out, which always makes me a little sad and when they arrived home I HAD A NEW HOUSE! It’s called an igloo house, which I think is sort of ridiculous! Who would live in an igloo???? Dad did a lot of huffing and puffing, and a few unseemly words! But it got put together and I have CARPETING!

Oh Guess what Spike Got? My left over bed.. HAHAHAHA.. But it’s inside his very special crate, which sits with the heater blowing directly on him. Man that boy is spoiled! If I didn’t like him so much, I could almost just step on him!

But that’s not all that was presented to the “little prince” of the house! He got a Pirate Ship! Big “human” sister Tina gave it to him for Christmas and Dad put it together. Were not sure if it’s just a case of lazy or not getting it, but Little Brother is using it for a bed!

Guess who didn’t get ANYTHING???????? Oh come on you can guess! You must see the great big smile on my face :) Little Sister “Annoying” got nada! Oh how happy can one dog be, I may smile my face off!

Mom got something too, just because my Dad wanted her to have it for her after Christmas, after birthday present. I thought I should be the one photographed sitting on it but even Mom drew the line on that one.. So above you will see Lil Brother Spike looking all Cheshirey :-)

I have been giving Mom the soulful, sad dog look since getting home, so I’m becoming a house/outside dog~ I wonder how long I can work this??? Most of the time I’m in her office lying in front of the heater. Sigh……… life doesn’t get better…new “igloo” house…. AND sitting by Mom…

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

HOME AGAIN/Chapter 9

Chapter 9

(Mom’s had a case of writer’s block or exhaustion, she blames it on both, so I’m WAY behind with the important things in life namely ME..) ME ME ME!

This Resort stuff is beginning to run a little thin now! I remember all “my girls” that run this place saying something about a one and a one.. Hmmmmmm I remember now! One week and pick up at 1 ‘clock.. Hello DAD it’s one week. Tap Tap Tap with my tail :)

Oh my but this has been a wonderful week! Nobody had a better Christmas then me and “Little Brother”! (Well, Spike might have another opinion) I just love life and everything and everyone involved with my wonderful self!

First of all in case anyone was worried, Spike was put in his “Condo” puleeeeeeze! And by about the 2nd day he did stop the strange growling sound. I watched out for him and made sure he was safe and sound before I got my “run” as they refer to my personal spaceJ But it isn’t all personal, I have MANY friends there both Canine and Human. Some of the canines have been with me before and we were so happy to be Celebrating Jesus’ birthday in our own special way.

We had some rainy days so every day we didn’t get to go out in our “run’s” but some days were sunny and bright and we ran and bounced and talked back and forth and all showed off our new collars! That seems to be the “in” thing this year. And do you realize that some of these friends are offended at being at the resort????? I cannot imagine. They probably have “annoying’s” lifestyle.

Spike is in the Feline quarters so I couldn’t actually see him often, but occasionally I heard him! He just doesn’t seem to understand the wonderfulness of this whole experience! He did have friends near him but mostly he just scowled at them.. He is a superior being you know, with his bobtail and all :)

OOOOOOOO but then Dr. Amy came back to work after Christmas… She decided I needed my “senior” wellness check! Say what???????? Well actually I love Dr. Amy so any opportunity to lick her all over her face and be my beautiful self in front of her is terrific. I am 9 years and 9 months and 27 days old! How exciting is that??? To know all that exactly and I weigh 74 perfect pounds. I think “Svelte” is the word. She has to do some rather embarrassing things, but we are girls, so it’s ok J and she gave me some medicine for a little…….uhhhhhh problem I was having.. Let me see how to address this. … Well sometimes when I get really excited I get sort of tense inside and stuff doesn’t work just right! But Dr. Amy fixed me!

It’s Monday and I know it must be nearly 1 because “my girls” have had lunch. I hear voices! I HEAR MOM’S VOICE! I HEAR DAD’S VOICE! Oh please Lord, do NOT let “Annoying” be with them. Lot’s of talking and talking and talking! Come on people! One of my girls comes with my leash and has Little Brother in his carrier (making strange sounds again) and out the door and it’s DAD!!!!!!!!!! And Mom heads straight for little brother.. Good grief.

Out the door, into the sunlight, in to Dad’s beautiful white truck! Spike is left sitting on the ground cuz Dad locked the doors with “Annoying” inside! Do you have any idea how hard I’m laughing? One on the ground in a zip lock bag and one locked in the truck!

OK..Every single one’s loaded up, we’re headed home.. The wind in my face! If I were happier, I could not stand myself! Home, into my yard, into my garage and Mom and Dad even let me into the HOUSE, just cuz they love me best J I have had a Wonderful Wonderful Christmas at the resort with Dr. Amy and all her awesome girls, but there is NO place like home!
P.S. From Mom...yes I know there are 3 like pictures of Penny. I'm too tired to figure out how to delete the last two.. I wanted to put them at various places in the story but can't figure out how to do that and now I can't figure out how to delete them! Tomorrow I'll be more alert, I promise Pen Pen... I won't let you down!

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Excitement in the Air" Chapter 9


Oh man I can hardly contain myself.. Things have been going on for days and I can just feel it building up to something big!

One day this week before it turned miserably cold, my Dad was out washing the cars and driving the car off to do something and driving the truck off to do something.. And he was just scurrying around from dawn to dusk. I love those days ! It means that I’m a part of EVERYTHING! I follow him in the garage and out in the driveway and just EVERYWHERE. On the day that he was washing cars “Rowdy Boy” and “Precious Boy” came to see me. These are two of my favorite people and belong to Tina, my human sister . Rowdy boy loves to run with me, Precious Boy is never quite sure what I’m going to do, but I think he’s really just worrying about Annoying Little Sister and he thinks I have her bad manners! I do not, thank you very much!

Another day this week, our Uncle Bill and Aunt Hazel came by for a quick visit with my Mom. I met them at the car and ushered them right in. And I do mean IN.. Mom didn’t notice that I led the ALL the way in right away so it gave me a few minutes to listen to the conversation.. I love doing that!

But today of all days has been THE most exciting. First thing this morning, Dad let me in because it was very very cold and Spike and me needed to thaw out! Then after the Queen got up (that would be mom) the excitement really kicked in! First I had to get sprayed with disgusting sweet smelling stuff and my Dad brushed me good.. Then….THEN… are you ready????? I got the most beautiful new red color with rhinestones all over it! Mom said it was my Christmas present! Thanks Mom. Dad put it on me and then Mom put a silver ribbon around Little Brother Spikes neck to make him look festive.

While all of this is going on Mom is packing her suitcase.. Now I know this means I’m going to go to my RESORT! I love it there. Everyone loves me, everyone brags on me.. I sleep in a warm cozy bed and I play with all sorts of other Canine friends.. Some of them are not as happy to be there as I am; I don’t understand that, what could be better?????? But just so Mom didn’t make some terrible mistake, Annoying Little Sister, planted herself in Mom’s suitcase! Like you think they would actually not take her with them??????? Annoying, annoying annoying~~

But oh Dad gets that Annoying little yappy sister good. He gives her a bath. And I mean a REAL big bath with flea soap and everything.. I JUST LOVE THIS PART. Then he takes her to blow her dry and brush her teeth. That girl could get on my very last nerve.. And sometimes she does get on Mom’s! I like that part too :)

Anyway, after the 3 of us are primped and combed and fumigated, Dad starts loading us up. Spike has to ride in a carrier because he is a “Feline” and they tend to get a little freaky.. And Spike is a little freaky on a good day! Mom put a little Santa stuffed with catnip in his carrier.. She looks sad when he has to go. Spike is not as thrilled with the “resort” idea as I am and has this strange growling sound that seems to come from somewhere deep inside him the whole time he’s being transported!

I, of course jump right in the back of Dad’s truck... I’m so happy! I know where were going, I know I know! And all my girls will be there waiting on me and they love me best! The only thing that spoils this little adventure is “Annoying” gets to come along.. Not to stay mind you but she’s getting a pedicure! I could just gag!

We ARRIVE!!!! Dad takes me with my leash (like I need THAT!) and carries “Annoying” and when we go into the resort my girls are waiting!!!!!!!! They check me in and the first thing they want to know is, does dad want me to have a bath???? SAY WHAT???????? Why would they ask that why why why???????

In the mean time, Annoying is passed off to get her pedi and Dad goes to get Little Brother Spike. Now let me tell you at this point Spike is pissed. Excuse my language but he is pissed! He is deposited on a chair in the waiting room to wait his turn and Dad gets Annoying and waves good-bye!! Good Bye Dad! Good Bye Annoying!!!! You don’t know how much fun I have!

So here I am in my luxurious quarters all snug as a bug in a rug, I can still hear Spike protesting, but he will get use to it. And we are going to have a WONDEFUL Christmas week.. I’m so happy! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Sad Day/Chapter 7

A Sad Day/Chapter 7

No fun story today. My mom is sad because my Aunty Lea and Uncle Bobby lost their precious Sophie today. I never met Sophie but I know I would have loved her. My mom remembers when she was just a puppy and so cute and cuddly. When our humans lose one of us that they love so much it makes every one sad, especially during what is a joyous time of year. :( Everyone is sad. Sophie brought a lot of love in to Aunty Lea and Uncle Bobby. Lots and lots...

Rainbow Bridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Little Bitty Boy"/ Chapter 6

“Little Bitty Boy”/Chapter 6

Just so you know while mom is typing this for me I am laying out in the soggy yard across the road. Napping occasionally, but I have discovered over the years that if I lay in this particular spot, I can observe 6 HOUSES!!!!! Remember I am Emmett Stone Lane’s Dog and if I stay on my comforter in my garage, something might need tending to. So unless it’s really cold, I’ve decided that this is a better option.

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy, it’s the WEEKEND. And not only is it the weekend, its “Little Bitty Boy’s” weekend with my mom and dad. Little Bitty has long curly blonde hair and is very very busy. He is in perpetual motion, which sometimes disturbs me because I can only move so fast at my age and who’s going to look after him??????

Little Bitty is also VERY loud and he loves, just LOVES playing with “Annoying Little Sister”. Which is the most irritating thing that has happened. He loves me, and sometimes becomes confused as to who I am because he has this “Girl” that looks just like me at his house, but he doesn’t play with me like he plays with “ALS”. When we are outside, sometimes I’m not quite sure it is a good idea to play though. because he moves so fast and I get in his way and he walks full length of me!

On Sunday morning Mom, Dad and Itty Bitty get in to Dad’s truck, all dressed up in the Christmas Sunday Bests! “Annoying” doesn’t get to go. Do you know how happy that makes me?????

After returning home, The Queen of the house has to lay down a while and “LB” and Dad and I head to the yard to “adjust” the decorations and add new ones. Mom ALWAYS does this.. Just when we get it right she finds a bargain and there goes the neighborhood!

Well, we decorated the mailbox; BEAUTIFULLY I might add and moved up to the Fish Pond to put the poinsettias around it. Mom started it and then got carried away and bought about 20 more! Dad and I are working very hard arranging these in just the right order. Little Bitty is walking around pulling up candy canes and gathering wet leaves and such!

Now let me tell you something about Dad.. He is a wonderful Dad. The best Dad in the whole world, but he can get distracted when he is deep in thought on a project. I saw it coming, I SAW IT COMING!!!!!!! But what can one perfectly beautiful dutiful Dog daughter do?? Little Bitty is doing his thing, Dad is doing his thing and Dad looks up and Little Bitty is about to take a step INTO the fishpond! Now he didn’t now that was the pond because of the flowers IN the pond, but it was the pond. I do everything “Caninely” possible to get Dad’s attention… I’m jumping up and down.. I’m making noises, I’m about to cry because I know it’s coming! Foot comes up.. up up up…and then down down down…….and Little Bitty is in the Fish Pond!!!!! Oh the horror of it all! I have failed !.. I tried but there he is up to his Little Bitty butt in the pond. And Screaming……oh can that boy scream…… I try.. I really try..What am I to do?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow!/Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Oh it’s a good day Dad’s up early and the “Queen” of the house is sleeping in. I love these mornings.. Dad and I have a routine.. A very strict routine, so people DO NOT SCREW IT UP……OK????? I can hear Dad turn his coffee on and put on his coat and the door opens!!!! I’m so happy to see him I just wiggle all over. He then of course has to bend down and unlatch baby brother Spike’s kennel. He has to sleep there because Mom is afraid a Coyote might eat him. A COYOTE ON MY WATCH???????? And then of course out pops annoying little sister. She’s just hopping and hopping and bee bopping all around me and Dad and Spike. AND THEN……….we are off on our morning adventure…TO GET THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN! We have a very long driveway so I lead the way, followed by Dad holding Toosweet by the leash because she’s naughty! And then there is Spike.. Spike doesn’t make a straight line.. It starts out that way but then he gets side tracked chasing bugs, and moles and lord knows what other gross thing so he’s down the driveway but some times he makes a very long journey before reaching the destination! ARRIVAL TIME and Dad grabs the paper and we (well everyone but dad) race back to the house! We are really quite impressive. It is breakfast time so there isn’t a lot of lollygagging around.

Now today just as we were getting breakfast dished up MEN IN TRUCKS arrived and I had to make a decision, eat or greet? Well I grabbed a bite then greeted J they went directly inside for a long time so I had time to eat and stretch my kinky bones! While they were in there “Our” Tina arrived, I think she’s my big sister, but I’m not sure.. And I’m really not sure she would like being called that.

Anyway after everyone left, Mom and Dad got dressed up and they got in the truck to leave too.. And they took “ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER” with them. This happens a lot and I don’t like that. Something must be done. They were gone a very long time and it was going to get dark and something VERY exciting started happening! It was SNOWING! Why is no one around here to tell this two. Baby brother Spike is just huddled up in his cage in front of his heater looking cranky! FINALLY they arrive and they see what I see. A whole lot of commotion when mom and dad come home from anywhere.

We have this “Automatic Garage Door”? And well Spike and me like to do something.. We don’t tell little sister because she would tattle! Every time Dad tries to lower the door either Spike or I run under it and it makes it go back up. Spike thinks this is hysterical! He just stands there and stares at it going up and down and up and down~~ I get bored with it pretty fast because frankly I’m looking for a treat that usually comes home with them.. They did NOT disappoint me J

Now while they were bringing their belongings into the house Baby brother Spike and Annoying Little Sister Toosweet ran in to the wonderful warm house! I sat there at the bottom of the step looking my MOST pathetic. I’m old people! I’m cold! I’ve been on duty all day! COME ON LET ME IN!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they did. I love my mom, I love my Dad some times I even almost like annoying sister and I always like Spike JMom took pictures of the snow coming down and several of my beautiful self soaking up the heat.. She better attach them!

SCARY WEATHER~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 4

“Scary Weather”

Ok, just so you know I’m blogging two days tonight… Sometimes my Mom gets too tired. HEY TRY BEING AS OLD AS ME LADY!!!!!!

Yesterday morning started out very strange… You will recall that I decorated the day before for Christmas. Well out of the blue it started to blow.. And I do mean BLOW.. The wind was just whipping around and by the time the wind died down in the afternoon every snow flake was off the tree, the bows on the house were all askew and mom’s favorite reindeer looked like they had been dipping into the eggnog!!! I don’t like wind.. no sire ree, I don’t like it at all and I think someone should make that stop scaring me.

Some time in the morning during the wind my mom came out to take her every day picture of the back yard. I try SO very hard to get in every picture but she has sneaky ways of distracting me. Grrrrrrr… She pats me on the head and sometimes kisses me, if I don’t have an odor that offends her. PULEEEZE! Anyway, after she went inside and in the middle of the windstorm I was laying in one of my favorite places for protection…under the deckJ well you just won’t even believe what happened! My mom’s beautiful Arbor that my Dad built for her many many years ago for what they call their anniversary, WENT FLYING!!!!!!! I almost turned inside out! I mean really, how scary can things get?? I went to the garage door and begged Mom to come look but she of course, thinking that she had better things to do, totally ignored me. SO I went to the French door by where the telephone is and guess what??? She was sitting right there and could not ignore me! So I hollered and hollered at her, I think she calls it barking, and jumped up and looked her right in the eye and FINALLY I got her attention! She opens the door, and what does she do???? SHE TAKES A PICTURE!!!!!!! No one understands the seriousness of my job in this household! (We are attaching the photo and hoping that everyone can see what I’m talking about)

After the wind died down, it got very very warm. Remember this is December but it was warm! And then it started. It was like God opened up the sky and just turned a hose on me. I headed for the garage and snuggled into my comforter and there I stayed for the rest of the night. I hate thunder.. I really hate it and someone needs to look in to this problem also! Oh the misery……….

But this morning was beautiful!!!!! My Dad got home from work very early this morning and brought me my breakfast. He always does this, because when you cook for fireman you have the privilege of sharing with your most faithful Canine daughter! But then we had to get to work. After all the horrible wind and the disgusting rain, all of my beautiful decorations were in disarray. So Dad and me got busy. The FIRST thing he did was he fixed the arbor in an upright position. Now HE knows how to do things and doesn’t just stand there snapping pictures!!!! Then we moved on to Mom’s reindeer, who at this point have given up and just collapsed. Then we picked up all the snow flakes and wired them on the tree and adjusted all the other decors, where they actually look better then they did before J Thank you very much for appreciating me, I work very hard!

Just about the time were all settled down for a pleasant day, it even got more pleasant! A VERY nice young lady drove up in her pretty car and of course I had to greet her! She loved me, well duhhhhhh.. Anyway she petted me and talked to my dad about me before she went in the house.. I just love those conversationsJ

But then she went inside for a very long time and even though I stood and looked my very most regal and friendly, I was not allowed in to join them. Mom did tell me that she read my story and loved it and wants to help publish it AND she works for newspaper. I love this lady.. I don’t even know her name but I love her!!! IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!

Monday, December 15, 2008

"It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

Chapter 3

OK, Mom and I have decided to do a little something different. Well I am in charge and I've decided but there is that little "slobbering on the key board" issue, so ya know. We have decided to record my "exciting" days as they happen. Since I am almost 9 year's old Mom will catch up on my history on my "boring" days.. and I do have some of them :) and my exciting days will be reported on as they happen!

I knew immediately that this was going to be an exciting day! First thing this morning "Mr Nice Neighbor" across the road came out of his house all bundled up in his winter clothes, like he had a project for "us" to do! I bounded over to his workshed and immediately got my friendly pat on the head. I get those because I'm his favorite dog in the neighborhood, I know that because he told me!

When we got in to his workshed I was so excited about what we were going to be working on and then he pulled out this awful thing with a cord and a long huge pipe thing on the end. Things with cords usually don't mean fun! He started to blow our beautiful leaves! Now I just don't like things that roar or things that blow so I started backing up. First of all I backed up about 10 feet and watched, then about 20 feet and then I laid down at about 50 feet and just glared at him.. This is just not going the way I planned! So after about half an hour I started feeling drowsy and I ambled on back to my garage and laid down and my soft warm comforter that my dad had fixed for me in front of my heater.(The heater is mom's idea, she doesn't like to be cold either!)

Just as I was drifting off my Dad came out the door all bundled up just like Mr. Nice Neighbor and I just knew the excitement was about to begin. First of all he pulled down the steps from our attic. Now let me be clear about this, I personally have never been up those steps, but things that come out of that attic are AMAZING! Every time the steps come down I am eagerly at the bottom just waiting and waiting!

Today boxes and boxes and sacks and more sacks came down. All full of very festive very exciting stuff. Every box and sack got thoroughly examined and sniffed by me, in fact I nearly got my head stuck in one because I could not see what was at the very bottom. Now that was embarrassing!
This morning mom and dad had to put away their autumn things.. Scarecrows and the like. The one thing I found very rude, however, was they removed my bale of hay! Now I had that bale of hay just right, I had a lovely hole in the side and could lay there in the morning sun and I loved it.. Oh well, off with autumn and on with Christmas!
This afternoon we started with my mom's favorite, OUR REINDEER! I thoroughly sniffed them....well I am a dog! and they are very nice reindeer and were glad to be out in the yard. Now here I must tell you I have an annoying "little sister" named Toosweet. In later chapters mom will.. introduce her more to you but just let me tell you. This girl is never still. She just bounces around and around me and jumps in my face and tries to crawl in my mouth! Today when I had enough of her I spit her out and off we went to finish the deer. We decorated them with lights and garland and there are two snowmen in the wagon, which I thought looked very friendly. We will see, of course as the season progresses!

While we finishing up the deer Mrs. Very Nice Mail Lady arrived with the afternoon mail. Well, OF COURSE this set off "annoying little sister" She just yapped and yapped and tried to chase her down the driveway. I, of course just sat there with my most endearing smile, because Mrs. Very Nice Mail Lady always pats me on the head and bends down to let me sniff her mouth :) Daddy went in the house and put the leash on "annoying little sister" so he could step on her and keep her in line!

Then we were off to decorate our outside Christmas Tree. My dad put's beautiful twinkly lights and a Star on top. I help all I could with stringing the lights, because that is the fun stuff, also we had help with from my baby brother "Spike". Now let me explain Spike. Spike is a dog with a "feline" exterior. He is very playful, very fast and very clumsy! Spike likes to play with invisible bugs, some times he get's so excited that I start chasing them too! (mom will relate the baby squirrel in the flower bed story at a later time) Today he was mostly chasing strings of lights and jumping up on mom while she was hanging snowflakes on the tree. For some reason Mom likes to take pictures of Spike, but if you will look really close, I'm in most of the pictures :) Big beautiful brown me!

Now we are in the middle of hanging the bows on the porch when a very YOUNG new UPS driver stops in front of our house. Now, right here let me tell you I hate UPS trucks.. I just hate them, they totally get on my nerves and I think the drivers drive up and down our road just to annoy me! Well today, he gets out of the truck and approaches the house with a package.. This sends "Annoying little Sister" into orbit! She just took off chasing and yapping hyterically all the while Daddy is hollering Toooooooooosweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She of course pays absolutely NO attention. We all assure this very YOUNG driver that she is harmless, just annoying but he is antsy and starts running around behind Daddy while Daddy is trying to get a hold of the leash. At this point I think this looks like just too much fun to ignore! So I took off to greet him, expecting loving pats on the head and all, well let me tell you I have never seen anything so strange! This young man started hopping around doing something that resembled a Russian Dancer to me! So of course I had to "voice" my enjoyment and that sent him running full speed a head to his truck with Toosweet, Daddy and I fast at his heels. He got back in the nick of time! Dad picked up "annoying little sister" and retrieved the package and we all proceeding back to the decorating, with our hearts racing! Mom put "annoying little sister" in the house for the remainder of the day, which was of course the proper place for her :)

Why is it when situations like that arise that Mom just stands there and laughs or screams at Daddy......hmmmm contemplating this...

When it got dark everyone but me got to go in the house :(.... So a while ago when Dad was letting Toosweet out to go potty, I asked, VERY POLITELY, if I could just come in and get warmed up a bit. Dad let me and now I'm in the very back bathroom on the fuzzy rug laying on the heat that comes out of the floor. I'm being very quiet.......shhhhhhhhhh..... do you think they will notice me?


Chapter 2

It is now close to Autumn in Manchester TN and the BIG day has arrived. My new Dad arrives to pick me up at the foster parents home. Now please realize I'm just a little confused! I only remember living here with my boy and now these "human" people are all talking and talking and trying to make friends with me and frankly I'm getting a little nervous!

My new Dad drive's what he calls an "El Camino". That just happens to be a truck that is very close to the ground. After a lot of talking and talking. My new Dad, who I secretly like very much, lifts me up and puts me in the back of his truck! SAY WHAT??????? Well I just immediately change everyone's plans and jump out and run free again :) I do that best. Dad just bends down on his knee and tries to sweet talk me. hmmmmmm.. am I going to fall for this? well, actually yes I do cuz I really do like him.

Dad put's me INSIDE this "El Camino" now and it's VERY SCARY! It's loud and he has windows down and the radio full blast and the police scanner screaming at me(are they looking for me?) He slowly backs out and we head home. I am trying to tell him I'm very nervous about this whole transportation business but he just keeps driving, like HE'S in charge! HA!

OK....then it happens.. How can I explain this delicately????? Hmmmmmmmm........I'm thinking.......Well lets just say everything just fell apart and it happen to be alllllllllllll over the inside of my Dad's "El Camino":`( I think he was just a little more then slightly upset, but he was nice. I think he knew that I was really only a puppy and I was very scared. So we arrived to my new home with all 3 of us needing a bath.. Me, my Dad and the "El Camino"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hey World it's Me Penny!


Since my mama won't let me drool on her precious computer, I am
allowing her to type for me!
Let me begin............."THEY" tell me I was born March 17, 2000 in Manchester TN. Exactly where, I'm not positive because I can't remember it! My mom could make something up but were going to start where I DO remember :)

Some very nice, well meaning people bought me for their foster son! He loved me very much and took very good care of me for 7 months. I was a beautiful Chocolate brown and all shiney and full of LOTS of energy. Then one day my boy had to move and his foster parents could not take care of me. We were all very sad.. I want a collective oohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh sniff sniff... waiting..waiting.. ok that's better.

Somewhere across Town my "Forever Father" was listening to the radio to what he call's "Swap and Shop". I don't know what that is, but I think he listens to that far more then he goes to Church :) Anyhoo, back to "about me" My Father called the foster parents and "VOILA" I WAS GOING TO HAVE A NEW HOME! All Dad had to do was come and get me!