Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Boy's/Chapter 11

MY BOYS! /Chapter 11

Yawn…………stretch………. Oh my it’s cold! Yesterday I played outside all day and this morning if I take a step outside of my “Igloo” I’m a pop cycle! Don’t people understand about my old bones??? The new bed and carpet REALLY helped though!

I’ve tried all morning to find a warm spot! The sun is shining, but it’s just too cold for this “senior” lady! I took up my spot across the road, where I can keep an eye on the entire neighborhood but it’s windy and I can’t get comfortable.. Mom must have seen me out of her office window because she just opened the door and HOLLERED PENNNNNNNNNNNNY!!!!!!!! I have this slight hearing problem you see. Well, I have it when I choose not to hear but I heard her and I bounded across the yard into the house and back to the big bathroom where there is a rug and a heater! Sigh……..happiness. Sheer happiness.

Oh oh…I hear voices.. Little boy voices! Could this be???? Could my very own little boy’s be here???????? Oh joy oh joy…. Here is “Rowdy” boy, “Precious” boy and “Little Bitty” tumbling into Mom’s kitchen.. Along of course with my human sister Tina, who is Mama or Aunt Tina to the mix!

Oh my it sounds like world war three going off in there, I think I’ll just stay here in my bathroom and pretend I’m invisible till the coast is clear!

There is one glorious thing when little boys are around.. FOOD.. Lots of Food… What isn’t on the floor where “Annoying” keeps watch is scooped up and put in MY BOWL!
So I had to come out…I just had to.. Spaghetti, hamburgers, cheese sandwiches! Oh my oh my.

“Annoying” had the most marvelous day, which always taints my outlook somewhat! She loves to play cars and fetch with her stupid little toys. So when boys are around she does have fun. Not so much for “Lil Brother Spike”.. Little Bitty decided to carry him across the room by his neck! Now, I found this mildly amusing, but Spike “Disappeared” for the next couple of hours. Odd, how he reappeared the moment they left :)

Oh before I forget again, my report card from the resort is on here too. Spike got one too, but since his could be considered slightly superior to mine, his you will not see!

Happy New Year Everyone! Dad just gave me an arthritis pill, that makes me feel better on cold nights.. HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!!


  1. The picture of the boys is fabulous! What a great shot even if Ttoosweet didn't cooperate. Probably mad because she didn't get any gifts ... ya think?

    Happy 2009 dear cousin to you and yours (Tina looks incredible -- I've been watching her for some time and she just looks better and better)!
    With love and hugs! Joy and Phil

  2. Tina looks BEAUTIFUL! I would like to see Spikes report card though. The boys are so cute!

  3. Hey where's this "beautiful picture of me! Thanks girls! My boys had a blast that day! and I'm gonna try to be slick here and say HA HA HA! about spike and his shenanigins, that spoiled rotten cat LOVES to hunt, so I'm betting on the chasing squirrels bit. I am glad he's okay though, he's a funny kitty XXXOOO