Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it Snow!/Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Oh it’s a good day Dad’s up early and the “Queen” of the house is sleeping in. I love these mornings.. Dad and I have a routine.. A very strict routine, so people DO NOT SCREW IT UP……OK????? I can hear Dad turn his coffee on and put on his coat and the door opens!!!! I’m so happy to see him I just wiggle all over. He then of course has to bend down and unlatch baby brother Spike’s kennel. He has to sleep there because Mom is afraid a Coyote might eat him. A COYOTE ON MY WATCH???????? And then of course out pops annoying little sister. She’s just hopping and hopping and bee bopping all around me and Dad and Spike. AND THEN……….we are off on our morning adventure…TO GET THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN! We have a very long driveway so I lead the way, followed by Dad holding Toosweet by the leash because she’s naughty! And then there is Spike.. Spike doesn’t make a straight line.. It starts out that way but then he gets side tracked chasing bugs, and moles and lord knows what other gross thing so he’s down the driveway but some times he makes a very long journey before reaching the destination! ARRIVAL TIME and Dad grabs the paper and we (well everyone but dad) race back to the house! We are really quite impressive. It is breakfast time so there isn’t a lot of lollygagging around.

Now today just as we were getting breakfast dished up MEN IN TRUCKS arrived and I had to make a decision, eat or greet? Well I grabbed a bite then greeted J they went directly inside for a long time so I had time to eat and stretch my kinky bones! While they were in there “Our” Tina arrived, I think she’s my big sister, but I’m not sure.. And I’m really not sure she would like being called that.

Anyway after everyone left, Mom and Dad got dressed up and they got in the truck to leave too.. And they took “ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER” with them. This happens a lot and I don’t like that. Something must be done. They were gone a very long time and it was going to get dark and something VERY exciting started happening! It was SNOWING! Why is no one around here to tell this two. Baby brother Spike is just huddled up in his cage in front of his heater looking cranky! FINALLY they arrive and they see what I see. A whole lot of commotion when mom and dad come home from anywhere.

We have this “Automatic Garage Door”? And well Spike and me like to do something.. We don’t tell little sister because she would tattle! Every time Dad tries to lower the door either Spike or I run under it and it makes it go back up. Spike thinks this is hysterical! He just stands there and stares at it going up and down and up and down~~ I get bored with it pretty fast because frankly I’m looking for a treat that usually comes home with them.. They did NOT disappoint me J

Now while they were bringing their belongings into the house Baby brother Spike and Annoying Little Sister Toosweet ran in to the wonderful warm house! I sat there at the bottom of the step looking my MOST pathetic. I’m old people! I’m cold! I’ve been on duty all day! COME ON LET ME IN!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh they did. I love my mom, I love my Dad some times I even almost like annoying sister and I always like Spike JMom took pictures of the snow coming down and several of my beautiful self soaking up the heat.. She better attach them!

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  1. You KNOW I can sooooooo see this in my head! What a beautiful cast of characters.