Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SCARY WEATHER~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 4

“Scary Weather”

Ok, just so you know I’m blogging two days tonight… Sometimes my Mom gets too tired. HEY TRY BEING AS OLD AS ME LADY!!!!!!

Yesterday morning started out very strange… You will recall that I decorated the day before for Christmas. Well out of the blue it started to blow.. And I do mean BLOW.. The wind was just whipping around and by the time the wind died down in the afternoon every snow flake was off the tree, the bows on the house were all askew and mom’s favorite reindeer looked like they had been dipping into the eggnog!!! I don’t like wind.. no sire ree, I don’t like it at all and I think someone should make that stop scaring me.

Some time in the morning during the wind my mom came out to take her every day picture of the back yard. I try SO very hard to get in every picture but she has sneaky ways of distracting me. Grrrrrrr… She pats me on the head and sometimes kisses me, if I don’t have an odor that offends her. PULEEEZE! Anyway, after she went inside and in the middle of the windstorm I was laying in one of my favorite places for protection…under the deckJ well you just won’t even believe what happened! My mom’s beautiful Arbor that my Dad built for her many many years ago for what they call their anniversary, WENT FLYING!!!!!!! I almost turned inside out! I mean really, how scary can things get?? I went to the garage door and begged Mom to come look but she of course, thinking that she had better things to do, totally ignored me. SO I went to the French door by where the telephone is and guess what??? She was sitting right there and could not ignore me! So I hollered and hollered at her, I think she calls it barking, and jumped up and looked her right in the eye and FINALLY I got her attention! She opens the door, and what does she do???? SHE TAKES A PICTURE!!!!!!! No one understands the seriousness of my job in this household! (We are attaching the photo and hoping that everyone can see what I’m talking about)

After the wind died down, it got very very warm. Remember this is December but it was warm! And then it started. It was like God opened up the sky and just turned a hose on me. I headed for the garage and snuggled into my comforter and there I stayed for the rest of the night. I hate thunder.. I really hate it and someone needs to look in to this problem also! Oh the misery……….

But this morning was beautiful!!!!! My Dad got home from work very early this morning and brought me my breakfast. He always does this, because when you cook for fireman you have the privilege of sharing with your most faithful Canine daughter! But then we had to get to work. After all the horrible wind and the disgusting rain, all of my beautiful decorations were in disarray. So Dad and me got busy. The FIRST thing he did was he fixed the arbor in an upright position. Now HE knows how to do things and doesn’t just stand there snapping pictures!!!! Then we moved on to Mom’s reindeer, who at this point have given up and just collapsed. Then we picked up all the snow flakes and wired them on the tree and adjusted all the other decors, where they actually look better then they did before J Thank you very much for appreciating me, I work very hard!

Just about the time were all settled down for a pleasant day, it even got more pleasant! A VERY nice young lady drove up in her pretty car and of course I had to greet her! She loved me, well duhhhhhh.. Anyway she petted me and talked to my dad about me before she went in the house.. I just love those conversationsJ

But then she went inside for a very long time and even though I stood and looked my very most regal and friendly, I was not allowed in to join them. Mom did tell me that she read my story and loved it and wants to help publish it AND she works for newspaper. I love this lady.. I don’t even know her name but I love her!!! IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!

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