Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Little Bitty Boy"/ Chapter 6

“Little Bitty Boy”/Chapter 6

Just so you know while mom is typing this for me I am laying out in the soggy yard across the road. Napping occasionally, but I have discovered over the years that if I lay in this particular spot, I can observe 6 HOUSES!!!!! Remember I am Emmett Stone Lane’s Dog and if I stay on my comforter in my garage, something might need tending to. So unless it’s really cold, I’ve decided that this is a better option.

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy, it’s the WEEKEND. And not only is it the weekend, its “Little Bitty Boy’s” weekend with my mom and dad. Little Bitty has long curly blonde hair and is very very busy. He is in perpetual motion, which sometimes disturbs me because I can only move so fast at my age and who’s going to look after him??????

Little Bitty is also VERY loud and he loves, just LOVES playing with “Annoying Little Sister”. Which is the most irritating thing that has happened. He loves me, and sometimes becomes confused as to who I am because he has this “Girl” that looks just like me at his house, but he doesn’t play with me like he plays with “ALS”. When we are outside, sometimes I’m not quite sure it is a good idea to play though. because he moves so fast and I get in his way and he walks full length of me!

On Sunday morning Mom, Dad and Itty Bitty get in to Dad’s truck, all dressed up in the Christmas Sunday Bests! “Annoying” doesn’t get to go. Do you know how happy that makes me?????

After returning home, The Queen of the house has to lay down a while and “LB” and Dad and I head to the yard to “adjust” the decorations and add new ones. Mom ALWAYS does this.. Just when we get it right she finds a bargain and there goes the neighborhood!

Well, we decorated the mailbox; BEAUTIFULLY I might add and moved up to the Fish Pond to put the poinsettias around it. Mom started it and then got carried away and bought about 20 more! Dad and I are working very hard arranging these in just the right order. Little Bitty is walking around pulling up candy canes and gathering wet leaves and such!

Now let me tell you something about Dad.. He is a wonderful Dad. The best Dad in the whole world, but he can get distracted when he is deep in thought on a project. I saw it coming, I SAW IT COMING!!!!!!! But what can one perfectly beautiful dutiful Dog daughter do?? Little Bitty is doing his thing, Dad is doing his thing and Dad looks up and Little Bitty is about to take a step INTO the fishpond! Now he didn’t now that was the pond because of the flowers IN the pond, but it was the pond. I do everything “Caninely” possible to get Dad’s attention… I’m jumping up and down.. I’m making noises, I’m about to cry because I know it’s coming! Foot comes up.. up up up…and then down down down…….and Little Bitty is in the Fish Pond!!!!! Oh the horror of it all! I have failed !.. I tried but there he is up to his Little Bitty butt in the pond. And Screaming……oh can that boy scream…… I try.. I really try..What am I to do?


  1. I laughed until I almost wet my pants. Liam in the fish pond. hysterical

  2. Aha! You did get at least one picture out of that whole bunch that is perfect. Good job Grandmommy!

    You blog is looking good!

  3. I'm TELLING!!!!!!! Love Nikki