Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It Doesn't Get Any Better!/Chapter 10

It Doesn’t Get Any Better/Chapter 10

Here it is the day after arriving home from our Christmas Vacation and we get stuff! WONDERFUL STUFF! Mom, and Dad have sort of been worrying about me in the cold garage on these cold January nights we have in Tennessee. Lil Brother Spike and me have a heater, which is kinda ok, but I have OLD BONES! And it’s a big garage.

So anyhow, Dad and Mom left out, which always makes me a little sad and when they arrived home I HAD A NEW HOUSE! It’s called an igloo house, which I think is sort of ridiculous! Who would live in an igloo???? Dad did a lot of huffing and puffing, and a few unseemly words! But it got put together and I have CARPETING!

Oh Guess what Spike Got? My left over bed.. HAHAHAHA.. But it’s inside his very special crate, which sits with the heater blowing directly on him. Man that boy is spoiled! If I didn’t like him so much, I could almost just step on him!

But that’s not all that was presented to the “little prince” of the house! He got a Pirate Ship! Big “human” sister Tina gave it to him for Christmas and Dad put it together. Were not sure if it’s just a case of lazy or not getting it, but Little Brother is using it for a bed!

Guess who didn’t get ANYTHING???????? Oh come on you can guess! You must see the great big smile on my face :) Little Sister “Annoying” got nada! Oh how happy can one dog be, I may smile my face off!

Mom got something too, just because my Dad wanted her to have it for her after Christmas, after birthday present. I thought I should be the one photographed sitting on it but even Mom drew the line on that one.. So above you will see Lil Brother Spike looking all Cheshirey :-)

I have been giving Mom the soulful, sad dog look since getting home, so I’m becoming a house/outside dog~ I wonder how long I can work this??? Most of the time I’m in her office lying in front of the heater. Sigh……… life doesn’t get better…new “igloo” house…. AND sitting by Mom…

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  1. Penny you have the same igloo as Walker. I'm so glad you got it! And cheers on TS. not getting NOTHING!!!!!