Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Word/Picture of the last 8 days~









Monday, January 18, 2010

Word/Picture of the day challenge

"Y" as in Yummy at the yard sale:)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Boys/Movies & Haircuts :)

Daughter Tina arrived with boys in tow around noonish! Every single body had lunch. It was still very cold but certainly better then it had been. Poor Penny saw the sun and thought she could just go lay in the sun because it didn't "look" cold. So Tina brought her in and she snuggled in the blanket while the boy's ate :)

Then off to see the movie! The Chipmunks the Squeakqueal:) Popcorn, soft drinks, candy and were off!!!!
We really wish we could have a movie of just Jimmy watching and listening to the movie.. HE LOVES THE CHIPMUNKS!!!!! and when it was over Riley says "That was a GREAT movie Grandmommy" .

Happy little boys.

We came home and ordered Pizza and enjoyed it.. What a good day!

So the next day is School Day for YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! and he arrives like he always does.. Doors fly open and TA DA I'm HERE!!!!!!!

Pajama day at school! Oh he was so happy :)

Then off to get the boy a HAIRCUT.. Also Whamommy has an appointment too~

He was such a good boy.
Sat up on the high stool and let Ms LeeAnn cut it and it looked SO cute!

And when he was done he got a Lolly pop!

And so after the haircut we MUST go to Old McDonald's!
And you just won't believe what came in the Happy Meal!

But he wanted a Chippette! Which Papa did coerce the counter workers for :) I didn't get a picture. He spent most of the play time, examining how the whole thing is put together!
That's so LIAM!

But he had lots of little friends and did get to play and play and play~
So the end of two days of fun with little boys~~~~ On to the rest of the week!

Word/Picture of the day : HAIR

Every day is a bad hair day for TooSweet!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.

Today we went to get my Military ID updated. We were not here when it expired on my birthday and didn't want to forget it.

Found out that instead of the Air Force doing it, now it's done at the "Visitors" Station at the entrance before you go in the gate where my husband works. I don't know who these people are that are hired there, but they are obviously VERY unhappy people. I want to just shake people like that and say "HEY! YOU HAVE A JOB" A smile and being curteous goes a long long way. And when you see what is going on in Haiti today, come on people, you've got this pretty good!

First there is NO one waiting in there. Not one single person.. but I'm told to push the little button that says I need a new ID card. I do as told which I feel ridiculous doing since I'm alone in there! And here comes Ms ATTITUDE..

Now I don't even want to waste my finger energy describing how she acted, but before we left she was tripping over herself to be helpful :) I think the tide turned when she smarted off as I explained how the old card had and error on it. I turned to my husband and said "Do you want to just come another day because there is a MAJOR ATTITUDE behind this counter"~He said "Yes, let's go".. we got it in a hurry with lots of gushing from Ms Attitude.

Is it harder to smile and be pleasant then snarl and be unpleasant?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Word/Picture of the day : WALK

Papa is Walking , I think Yummy is airborne!!!!!!!Jimmy when he had PT in Franklin.. This was a really good therapist.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Word/Picture of the day: Black and White

This would be Joey on Caroline's Zebra Chair :)

Word/Picture of the day: EYES

The word of the day is EYES :) these are my 4 grandchildren.. I have this on my wall.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Stressful FRIGID weekend!

Busy, stressful, Extremely cold weekend!
I was on a hunt. We have a big anniversary. All I wanted was a trip. A special trip. To Hawaii! I spent most of the day Friday looking for just the right trip and mentioned the little Island 7 day cruise and the Saint decided that would be better. Several reasons. I have good days and bad days and some of those days are VERY bad. Also we were going to rent a car and it said if your over 65 you might not be able to rent. Say what???????

So Saturday morning I started over again.. ALL day I sat here at the computer until I was sick! Finally found what I thought might be the best and we were going to try to get one in Feb. I had a really rough couple of months so I didn't get to plan this earlier.

So ANYWAY, on Sunday we put our heads together and started making telephone calls :) We got Paul from Honolulu and he walked us thru. He tried very hard to get us in Feb but that just could not happen, so we will go the first of March:)

Monday brought about an 8 hour nightmare with the Credit Union not releasing our money because it was too much. LOL HAHAHA it's our money people! So we had to get creative so we didn't lose our ocean view cabin:) By the end of the day I had a migraine but all the papers arrive and now we are a happy couple!

Today was also a huge day with Yummy! Last week I showed him my new Giant cupcake maker and he didn't forget. He wanted to make a valentine one but I convinced him that we should wait till next month for Valentines day. SO he picked the Kitty Cat, and me and Papa bought all the stuff to make the cat and last night I baked the cupcake and today Yummy made his kitty cat!

He was so excited over every little bitty part of it, from the icing to the ears to the eyes, whiskers, nose and tongue :) By the time he finished his masterpiece the poor kitty's face was falling so we put it in the frig for an hour or so and he just looked spiffy!

He left to go home today proudly carrying it in his favorite stainless steel bowl.. He was so excited to show it to his Mama and his Da Da.. I hope they were able to eat it!

It actually got to above freezing today.. just barely but it got there. I think the lowest we got was 6 degrees one night or two but it was in the teens or lower most nights. For 17 frigid days and nights.. Penny got a new heater
and Spike thought he was a house cat. (btw that cat is so fat he waddles!)

So onward and upward for the rest of January! Our project for the month is sorting old pictures. It's a fun project and tomorrow I get to see my other two little boys!

Aloha :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Word/Picture of the day : CURVES

My Hero's and their curvy Fire hose! I did think about putting the pic of Caroline on the Great Wall of China though, but I really didn't have anything to do with that :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Word/Picture of the day: WHITE

I didn't want to do snow, because I thought that's what everyone would do but found this picture of two little girls and their Daddy in 1965 :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Word/Picture: ACTION


We got more action then anything else :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas at the Spa~ ahhhhhhh

Hello PEEPS! It's me Penny the Wonderdog...Protector of Emmett Stone Lane and Mom's best friend!

I knew something was up the day before Christmas Eve because there was all sorts of Hustling and Busseling as soon as Dad got home from work and when he opened the door, I saw suitcases!!!! That means one thing to me.. THE SPA THE SPA, one of my most favorite places in the world to be.

Now I had heard rumors from Dad and Mom and all sorts of despair about something to do with "baby sitting" us! HELLO we don't DO babysitters! But our Dear Spa Keeper saved the day and they found room for us :)

First there is always the little issue of "Lil Bro" Spike. That boy hates his carrier, he hates going to the spa, he just has a really really bad attitude!

So before ANYTHING else was done Dear Ole Dad tackled that boy and into the carrier he went and that strange sound he emits began. I might insert here that the sound continued for the better part of a week! It's really hard to describe. Something like a lion under his breath with a pillow over his head!

And very soon after Lil Bro was deposited in the truck, Dad loaded me up and off we went!!!! SPIKE.. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU.. I love my girls, I love my friends, it was warm it was cozy!
And this time did not disappoint me in the least.. In fact I got a whole spa treatment on the day I left. I'm very special:) and my report card reflected that.

The only objection I had at all was it was a long time this time, longer then I've ever been away from Emmett Stone Lane and I know my people need me!

But Dad did come and rescued Spike first thing in the morning and he got me at noon and brought Little Bitty along to help.

It was really really good to get home and I was very excited but I know dear ole dad will always come and get me:)

After scouting out the neighborhood Mom let me come in and she had the fire place on and ahhhhhhhhhh heaven!

But when I went outside to visit all of my people on Emmett Stone Lane, I discovered that my walkers had gone to Florida for the winter!!!!!! I MISSED SAYING GOODBYE~
And there was ALL KINDS of activity across the road with my most favorite neighbors. Lots of RV loading and pushing and pulling and backing up and all that stuff!

I went to converse with them about the whole situation but they were very busy so I just stayed at one of my look out posts and watched.

And then that night I was back in my WONDERFUL warm cozy stinky blanketed IGLOO! Dad had the heater blowing right on me :)

And the next morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WERE GONE!!!!!!!! My favorite neighbors had left for Texas while I was sleeping :(

I am so sad.. Now we have to face this long winter without them.
I spent most of my day laying just as close to mom's deck door as I could get and slipped in whenever she let me ~

And Little Bro spent his day surveying the back yard for invisible things. He scares the socks off of Mom when he jumps up there :)

OOOOOOOOO and before I forget it "Annoying" got a new plaid coat cuz she might catch a chill!!!!!!! I COULD JUST SPIT! and when Dad is gone she spends the whole day on the back of his chair gazing at the driveway. Makes mom crazy~

Just look at that face..just look at it.. it oozes ANNOYING!

So all is getting back to normal. I have heard that "Precious" and "Rowdy" have a new canine family member.. hmmmmmm.. not sure how I feel about this. I think she's too big for me to just step on her.
I am still queen of this family and NOBODY better forget that!