Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year a New Theme

Well here the Sainted husband and I are in the year 2010 back in TN where we belong. I have renamed my blog cuz I think I was making it too hard on myself and I just can't do it any more. It's something to enjoy not be stressed over :) And Penny will show up~

The Saint and I arrived home safely New Years night(Friday) from a motor trip around Florida. It was not suppose to be a motor trip, it was suppose to be a beach trip but the weather was not great. Not horrible like it is here but not beach weather.

We have spent the weekend unpacking, doing laundry and looking at our Christmas presents:) We did good!
Thank you one and all. We are also resting, which is what we both need most. Very tiring. Reconsidering Hawaii next month, but were not going to make a decision till we are rested.

At the moment my Saint is trying to connect the brand new DVD/VCR that he was given at work with the brand new flat screen he got me for the bedroom. He can get the tv to play and the vcr/dvd to play on the kitchen tv but not the one he wants.. And it's making him feel stupid and that makes me angry. I run in to too much stuff lately that is just way to complicated. I get the new photo program that I love most updated every year and use it one time and go back to my 12 year old one :) We don't do change~(I'm hiding in the office)

Penny and Spike are still at the Spa.. I'm sure they are glad with this cold weather! They have been living high on the hog for almost 2 weeks.. Spike is going to be so PISSED! Of course the Annoying little "bad hair" dog TooSweet came with us. Caused more problems then I want to even venture to go in to!!!!!

So tomorrow is back to normal.. Papa gets Little Bitty Yummy for his first day back to school, then he has to see the skin doctor, then he gets the canine and feline children and just hands them his wallet(the spa people) :) After we deliver Yummy home we are going to see Precious(Jimmy's) new dog Digadoo. She's a beautiful black lab and Jimmy loves her!

Just Breathe in the fresh Atlantic Air~


  1. Happy New Year and welcome back! Maybe next time TS will get to go to the spa too. :D hahahahaha

  2. Am so glad you made it easier for yourself. No need to stress. Am glad youre home and resting.

  3. Home safe and sound! I love that sentence and always say it after we survive a road trip (and so far, we have survived many). So happy you are back and blogging again and love the new name. Hits the nail on the head. Can't wait to hear about the adventures of the kids during the two weeks at the spa!
    Love you!