Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's a New Year!

Nothing like starting the year off on January 4th :) But we needed the weekend to recover

FIRST thing this morning the Spa called and said they wanted to give Penny one more Spa treatment so could we wait till noon to get her? But of course you can come get Spike! LOL

The Saint had to brave the frigid morning (12 degrees I think) and go get Yummy to go back to school! He was excited and ready and was tired of telling ANYone what he got for Christmas.. SO THERE!

Then off the get Spike from the spa. When he got home I asked how he did, and Brownie said "I don't know they just sort of threw him at me and said "here's Spike!"
Spikes Report card..oooooooo were embarrassed :/


Reminds of of the time that Daniel failed "Political Thought" in college. HOW do you fail THINKING????? :)

HE FAILED FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Not sure you can really read that but he needs to be sent to the naughty chair!

He also came home looking like Garfield! I think he spent 10 days eating Lasagna~ Tomorrow he will diet. This is what he spent the day doing:

He could not decide if he wanted to chase invisible things or be warm :)

Then at noon it was time to get PENNY THE WONDERDOG.. I think they just wanted her to stay longer cuz they love her so much. anyway, home she came, all shiny and fat and sassy. She took off immediately and circled the house and checked on all three direct neighbors..considered the pond, then decided hmmmmmm not a good idea when it has ice on it :) and then came in all smiles and exuding happiness!

Then she discovered the fireplace was on and the warm carpet! She was there the rest of the day.. There will be other days to explore!

Our beautiful Regal Loyal Penny.. Now here is HER report card! STRAIGHT A's!!! (teachers pet!)

Little Bitty was here for a couple of hours in Rare form ~ He wants his John Deere "backer upper" and we finally had to hide it. It's the reverse for his Gator that his Papa ordered and it WILL get put on but not in frigid weather! and he will not be riding in frigid weather!

He and I are going to make a Giant Cupcake next week. I got a Giant Cupcake maker for my birthday. It took him 20 minutes to decide which one .. I think we went with the cat but he really wanted the Valentine. I convinced him to wait till next month. And he made me Pink Lemonade and tasted it the whole time and carried around my wonderful sour green seedless grapes that I love so much!(He loves them too)

Then we were off to take "the boy" home and go see the other two boys and DIGADOO! We left Annoying TooSweet in the car because, well because she is annoying :) We brought our beautiful Tina some Florida oranges and Digadoo a Chew bone. Which she did in fact devour in about 5 minutes.

Then we opened our beautiful gifts from best friend Kay and sister Lea~

Digadoo's "Flea" toy that she destroyed lol

And soooooooooooo the day ended~

B U R P!!!!!!



  1. Spikey Spikey Spikey....... failed friends... HAHAHAHAHA

  2. We're very glad you're home. Spike is rotten...almost as rotten as suetweet:)

  3. Of course dirt on the face is mud. The word tomorrow is CIRCLES. Love your pictures, I agree with Tina. Am glad they liked their things.

  4. What a great post! Love all the pictures! I remember when boarding our two big dogs (a hundred years ago)and one always received a glowing report card and the other one was barely ok. Our critters are so like people. So happy you're home safe. Stay warm :)