Monday, January 11, 2010

Stressful FRIGID weekend!

Busy, stressful, Extremely cold weekend!
I was on a hunt. We have a big anniversary. All I wanted was a trip. A special trip. To Hawaii! I spent most of the day Friday looking for just the right trip and mentioned the little Island 7 day cruise and the Saint decided that would be better. Several reasons. I have good days and bad days and some of those days are VERY bad. Also we were going to rent a car and it said if your over 65 you might not be able to rent. Say what???????

So Saturday morning I started over again.. ALL day I sat here at the computer until I was sick! Finally found what I thought might be the best and we were going to try to get one in Feb. I had a really rough couple of months so I didn't get to plan this earlier.

So ANYWAY, on Sunday we put our heads together and started making telephone calls :) We got Paul from Honolulu and he walked us thru. He tried very hard to get us in Feb but that just could not happen, so we will go the first of March:)

Monday brought about an 8 hour nightmare with the Credit Union not releasing our money because it was too much. LOL HAHAHA it's our money people! So we had to get creative so we didn't lose our ocean view cabin:) By the end of the day I had a migraine but all the papers arrive and now we are a happy couple!

Today was also a huge day with Yummy! Last week I showed him my new Giant cupcake maker and he didn't forget. He wanted to make a valentine one but I convinced him that we should wait till next month for Valentines day. SO he picked the Kitty Cat, and me and Papa bought all the stuff to make the cat and last night I baked the cupcake and today Yummy made his kitty cat!

He was so excited over every little bitty part of it, from the icing to the ears to the eyes, whiskers, nose and tongue :) By the time he finished his masterpiece the poor kitty's face was falling so we put it in the frig for an hour or so and he just looked spiffy!

He left to go home today proudly carrying it in his favorite stainless steel bowl.. He was so excited to show it to his Mama and his Da Da.. I hope they were able to eat it!

It actually got to above freezing today.. just barely but it got there. I think the lowest we got was 6 degrees one night or two but it was in the teens or lower most nights. For 17 frigid days and nights.. Penny got a new heater
and Spike thought he was a house cat. (btw that cat is so fat he waddles!)

So onward and upward for the rest of January! Our project for the month is sorting old pictures. It's a fun project and tomorrow I get to see my other two little boys!

Aloha :)


  1. Aloha! I'm so excited for you. I hope your weather breaks soon! Enough already.

  2. We must have sent you the cold snap we had here awhile ago! Hope you thaw out soon!

  3. No we got this straight from Canada,, It caught and Express and hit all the way to Miami ...soooooooo tired of being cold.