Friday, January 15, 2010

Boys/Movies & Haircuts :)

Daughter Tina arrived with boys in tow around noonish! Every single body had lunch. It was still very cold but certainly better then it had been. Poor Penny saw the sun and thought she could just go lay in the sun because it didn't "look" cold. So Tina brought her in and she snuggled in the blanket while the boy's ate :)

Then off to see the movie! The Chipmunks the Squeakqueal:) Popcorn, soft drinks, candy and were off!!!!
We really wish we could have a movie of just Jimmy watching and listening to the movie.. HE LOVES THE CHIPMUNKS!!!!! and when it was over Riley says "That was a GREAT movie Grandmommy" .

Happy little boys.

We came home and ordered Pizza and enjoyed it.. What a good day!

So the next day is School Day for YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! and he arrives like he always does.. Doors fly open and TA DA I'm HERE!!!!!!!

Pajama day at school! Oh he was so happy :)

Then off to get the boy a HAIRCUT.. Also Whamommy has an appointment too~

He was such a good boy.
Sat up on the high stool and let Ms LeeAnn cut it and it looked SO cute!

And when he was done he got a Lolly pop!

And so after the haircut we MUST go to Old McDonald's!
And you just won't believe what came in the Happy Meal!

But he wanted a Chippette! Which Papa did coerce the counter workers for :) I didn't get a picture. He spent most of the play time, examining how the whole thing is put together!
That's so LIAM!

But he had lots of little friends and did get to play and play and play~
So the end of two days of fun with little boys~~~~ On to the rest of the week!


  1. Lane LOVED the movie. Yummy is looking more grown up with every haircut. :(