Friday, December 24, 2010

23rd Sock Day of Christmas!

We went to eat German and had a blast!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

22 Sock Day of Christmas

Woke up wishing I could just skip the first two hours of the day :(

I'm doing my Williams imitation!

We cleaned house, or I sort of cleaned the bedroom and office. At least you can walk in the office!

Brownie made a trip to drug store and called Suzy to check how things were and Lindsey said they are coming tonight! YIPPEEEE that's good news, then we have more time to relax a bit.

Saw on FB Caroline found a home for one puppy :( It's good, but I know she's sad.

Brownie & I made 2 batches of Cookies and he made fudge! Made Thumb print and sugar cookies. I still want to make Snickerdooles the kids eat them.

We have beds changed and baths and waited till 1:30 and they arrived at 2 :) It's a long drive!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

21st day of Sock Christmas!!!!!!!!

THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER.. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN. I'm looking for Spring and it's just the first day of winter?????????

Woke up with a stiff and sore body but slowly got it together.

I had made the dinner menu for Christmas, so Brownie say down and listed the groceries while I did the morning stuff.

We decided to just eat lunch and go shopping after, so off we went.

I got me some new reading glasses, they are great but HEAVY. I want glasses that just float in front of my face.

Also got lots of stocking stuffers and I think we have the groceries all lined up!.

We had some strange tasting taco's and watched a little TV.

I wrapped my little doo dads. Our tree is getting quite full.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20th Sock Day of Christmas!

>Awoke this morning to a volcano exploding in my head! Got up got milk and a handful of Excedrin, went back to bed. Brownie was up waiting for Yummy. I heard the sweet sounds of an excited 4 year old and got up and took medication for a headache and the rest of milk. Thought sleep would return, but it didn't but the excruciating pain left.

My left eye is swelling every night, that's not good! But will wait and see the Dr. when we get back from Florida.

My sweet little boy was up "painting" when I got up. He just does beautiful stuff and loves it!

The Saint and the Boy went shopping for baking supplies while I did my morning routine.

After we had lunch the guys flew in to cookies

I folded clothes and did a few minor things then went in to check them out :) Oh too much fun..

WAY too much fun.

I decided I needed to keep my eyes on things so I started Daniel's Bourbon balls! He likes some for work and at home :)

Had to help with the cookie cutter situation!.

_They were everywhere and witches and shamrocks were getting used~ come on guys!

I started the Bourbon Balls
but discovered not enough powdered sugar. Improvised and the Brownie ran and got some more to roll them in. So Yummy and I made the balls and dipped them and they looked beautiful :)

Yummy said they looked like MUD BALLS while we were making them! I assured him that he would not like them....... WHY?????????......CUZ I SAID SO. Daniel said he was going to give him one at bedtime :) noooo he didn't.
Got all the pictures off my camera stick, it was full and need my camera so I can get Florida picture.

So much flu, I pray we don't get ANY of it on our trip! Kids will be here in 2 more days!

Monday, December 20, 2010

19th Sock Day of Christmas!

Yummy burst in to the bedroom at 7 a.m to say It's MORNING PAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressed in our bootiful red sweaters and off to the Church!

Really loved seeing our Church on Christmas Sunday, but very sad to see it half full.Something has to be done.

Liam went to Children's Church and came out with Attitude! He didn't want anyone to see his angel picture!

Dropped him off at his Moms headed home. Lots of horse riders out.

Spent the afternoon finishing some odds and ends.

Weather is warming up.

Watching Survivor Finale! Fabio!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

18th Sock Day of Christmas

Up and running this morning! yeah right. well, we didn't walk like slugs shall I say :) We had Very specific things to do as we ventured out in the cold winter day! I tried to impress this on the "driver". He does tend to not stay focused~

Walgreens, Hastings and Bestbuy! I refused to wander thru Goodwill, under the drivers protest!

The Post Office was closed when we got there.. Good grief people it's CHRISTMAS, I don't care if it's a half day!

Got home and wrapped our brains out. I think everything is wrapped but we certainly have NOT put the paper away!

Brownie took off to get Yummy and we spent the evening painting

and decorating!

He was so excited over his new craft carrier with all the stuff in it.

Carmen's Mom is quite ill. I'm sad for them during Christmas.

But my sister got to see Scott's(her son who died) grandchildren! they are adorable little girls.

Got the boy to bed by 9 and he went right to sleep.

Clothes all ready for Church. Not sure we will have a Christmas anything like this again. Time to just downsize way down. We did this year but was still too much on both of us. I'm SO happy my kids will be here for Christmas though!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

17th Sock Day of Christmas

Awoke Pain Free! (not all day but a good start)

Got my morning routine done and sorted out the Christmas card dilemma.

After lunch we got more "stuff" put together and wrapped! If we survive this team wrapping without homicide or divorce it will be a miracle :)

Brownie's Book Arrived! It's just SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish everyone could see it.. A couple of very minor duplicate pictures. I got it wrapped while he was out running errands.

Got some things in the mail I've been looking for so that's taken care of!!!!!! Still have a list of "things to do" and I wanted to baked next week. I think Yummy will be here Mon and Wed.
so not sure it will get done.

Yummy is spending the night tonight. He and papa are decorating his room!

Brownie "sort of" cleaned the kitchen. I'd take some picture of certain area's but I'll just be grateful!

Got Leas beautiful packages arrived and are under my little tree.

Watched out Fri. night TV and then rearranged out presents!

My Daddy died 55 years ago today. I still miss him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

15th Sock Day of Christmas!

Went to the eye doctor, Dr. Sorhrobe, I just love her. Took almost 2 hours on my eyes. Right eye is wonderful left one still some problems but she's given me some things to work on and go back in January.

We mailed Lea and Nikki's packages and got stamps and came home for a little lunch.
Brownie was off to see a concert and got his tire fixed and me some stuff I needed. My eyes had been dilated and after last week I'm taking no changes. and I have plenty to do.

I got Steve, Chrissy's and Tommy's envelopes packed BUT I'm still missing one so can seal them!

My precious tender hearted Suzy thought she had found Lucky her dog. After waiting all afternoon and even thinking it was him when she saw him it was not him. I feel so bad and sick over this. I want to say hang on Lucky we will find you but think we need to remember the sweet memories and realize he's gone. I wish I could fix this hurt.

Brownie and I spent the entire evening doing Christmas cards. I think I lack one letter but will get it together and send.

I got Jackie Evanco's CD and one of the Cd's won't play! made me sick.

My Uncle Lyle's great grandson died last Sat. and there is such sadness in that family. He was a young sweet teenage boy. Matthew is with Jesus and all of his family who have been waiting on him. it's all just too sad at Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sock day for Christmas #14

Yummy had to be picked up Papa at a very early hour and he arrived in all his glory! PaPa took him to get a hair cut in his Jammies :) VERY early morning for Papa to drive to Beechgrove.

He was just totally amazed! Just like all of our grandchildren have been. It's a one of a kind and he just could not get enough of it..

Also the "Rapping Santa" and the Singing Christmas bear and Dalmatian!

and all the lights that sing. This little boy loves Christmas and everything about it. He knows its the day Jesus was born but at his age in my opinion the whole "baby Jesus birthday" is just very confusing. Maybe in a year or so. He did get the story read to him and has lots of questions. He is a delightful little boy. He is the goodness in our sometimes dreary life.

He loves watching all of his old video's on Papa's computer so after he plays so hard and needs to calm down he gets on the talk chair and I put on OTM and he knows how to click on each one. Big Green tractor will never be topped though!

Hated that Papa had to take him all the way home when he was so very tired but he would do anything for that boy or any of the four grandchildren, just ask Caroline!

We wrapped some presents! Were Yummy tired ~

PS Dec. 14 is a Special Day for me. For many many years I owned and operated my own family child care center known as "MzSharon's House" My very first baby turned 20 on the 14th. My beautiful golden boy with the beautiful golden curls named Ephram. We were inseparable. Love all the others equally but something about that first one..20 years ago~

Also on December 14 my Jakey was born. All the the children were favorites in different ways, but my Jacob wanted my arms and my lap 8 hours a day and he was the sweetest funniest BRIGHTEST little boy I can remember. And ya know he has not changed, I just got his Christmas pic and there is his sullen teenage brother I also cared for but Jakey has still got that smile from ear to ear, love the world look. Jacob is now 12 :( Love that boy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sock Christmas Day 13

So very hard getting up. Lots of pain and it really didn't let up all day. Ended up dipping in to the pain pill stash. But it was a case of just going to bed or taking them and had things I did want to do. I'm saving most for baking next week and our Florida trip.

Talked at the computer to Suzy. We decided to go to the German Restaurant on Dec. 23!!!! Very excited about that Aschia will love it and it will be fun.

Lindsey's in NC, hope the weather is ok. it's just so so here. Still lots of snow.

Caroline has to have her feet looked at tomorrow, I hope all goes well.

City Schools are open tomorrow so I hope they get to have their concert.

We started wrapping tonight, we will get it done! we will we will!

Liam here tomorrow, can't wait for him to see our "Christmas House" ;-)

No Schools ANYWHERE in TN today or KY so no Yummy :(. It's SO cold and the roads are treacherous. The snow is just spotty here and there but it's still slick.

Let Spike out this morning and he jumped like a Kangaroo across the yard, went under the deck and back in the house! No mam, no sire we are NOT going out!

Penny was just fine in her igloo with the heater blowing on her. I saw her about mid morning trotting down the driveway tail wagging and going to great her neighbors :)

TooSweet has to be drop kicked out of the house!
Very hard for me to move in the mornings. Keep trying to keep going.

Paid bills and sorted thru gifts to see if the right thing is in the right place!

Not an eventful day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11th Sock Day of Christmas!

Woke up to a cold frigid morning. Heavy snow and snow coming down. When we went to bed everything
had turned into a winter wonderland

when we awoke it was just a WHOLE LOT OF SNOW!

It snowed off and on all morning then the sun came out and burned it off the road and driveway.. Checked with Daniel and he made it to Nashville, no problem.

My Saint was having a Newspaper anxiety attack(because he didn't want to drive) so he plunged in to Direct TV/Cable. Spent most of the afternoon on the phone trying to figure it out. End result.......uhhhhhh I don't think anything!

I started to finish Brownie's book in afternoon and finished at 9:00PM! That was with a break for dinner and small amount of TV. $200!!!!!! If there is one tiny error I may slit my wrists! and he just better LOVE IT! :) he will

Found out a teenage cousin died yesterday. I've felt sad all day, like next to tears and didn't even know him. He was a precious sweet boy and it just seems so unfair.

I sure hope Riley gets to perform in his concert! This forecast is not promising.

We got some more things in the mail, will begin to wrap today and tomorrow although I think Yummy will be here tomorrow:)

Everyone talks like this snow is unusual, it always snows the week before Christmas. Lots of times it's in the 80's then SNOW. just got to love TN.

Monday, December 13, 2010

10th Sock Day of Christmas!

We decided that is was going to be the only good day all week so the Saint braved the cold and went to the attic and attack Christmas junk!

We haven't decorated in several years so he had some shaking off stuff and unwinding. But he did it!

Now our living room looks like a "Christmas House"! as Liam would say. I did little to help but he got it all looking really pretty. I decorated my British ornament tree. He also put our Mickey Mouse Clock Shop up on the mantle.
I know this is a collectors item by now. Lindsey gave it to us over 25 years ago and it's in immaculate condition, even the box with instructions. The kids just love it, not sure the adults so much :) It plays 26 songs!

The Saint also decorated the front porch but the tree out there is not, it just go so cold and started blowing icy wind and pouring.
We cancelled plans to attend Church. just not up to getting out in the miserable weather. My eye is puffy and and just don't move very fast or frisky!
Still plunging away on my book. I think I corrected my errors. I'm really getting sick of it :(

Got a phone picture of Yummy singing Santa and got to play Mickey Mouse to Jimmy!

And BTW the doctor gave me new pain meds so my husband has told me what we did not this day I have NO memory of it except Jimmy and I know the room is decorated. and I do know I was in pain all day, I guess it makes you just not care.