Wednesday, December 22, 2010

21st day of Sock Christmas!!!!!!!!

THE FIRST DAY OF WINTER.. GOOD GRIEF CHARLIE BROWN. I'm looking for Spring and it's just the first day of winter?????????

Woke up with a stiff and sore body but slowly got it together.

I had made the dinner menu for Christmas, so Brownie say down and listed the groceries while I did the morning stuff.

We decided to just eat lunch and go shopping after, so off we went.

I got me some new reading glasses, they are great but HEAVY. I want glasses that just float in front of my face.

Also got lots of stocking stuffers and I think we have the groceries all lined up!.

We had some strange tasting taco's and watched a little TV.

I wrapped my little doo dads. Our tree is getting quite full.

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  1. What's for dinner? We make/have pizza the years we stay at love it, so do I, less work...I think :)