Tuesday, December 7, 2010

6th Day of Socks Day

These Christmas Socks have Santa on the side but you can't see him!
(I'm really not pigeon toed)

This is Yummy Day so Mondays are always busy..

SO cold here. After my little my morning routine......... I got my appointment time for Wed. eye surgery. Nice and early this time 9:30 I think. I'm anxious to have it done! So we started the 4 times a day eye drops.. I have a m o n t h ahead for them..yawn.........AND the 2 weeks of inhaling antibiotics.. My life is so fun :)

After noon DA BOY arrived! He had been grocery shopping with Papa and all he wanted was three bouquets of silk flowers. after 30 minutes of spraying them with good smelling stuff and unpricing them and arranging them, he is so thrilled.. He is taking them home to smell at his house :)

After the flower arranging, out the door with no hat and coat not buttoned he goes to help Papa bring in stuff. The 3rd trip he discovered his "new" John Deere! It's a tractor not a Gator. He just stood in one spot and bounced straight up in the air 3 times squealing and landed, sitting on it :) He drove it around and is SO excited that it has 3 gears. He wanted so bad to unscrew everything to see how it was put together but it was so darn cold. He drove it around and around and told me it went SO fast but it's just too cold. What a funny boy.

He was also confused as to why our house didn't have "Christmas" in it .. oh oh....I haven't put anything up inside in SO long. Suppose to warm up Fri. maybe the Saint can do something.

I spent the ENTIRE rest of the day working on Brownie's book and Carolines Shutterfly album. Her album is done and sent. Now I have to arrange how I want these 500 pictures and wait for the final pictures I have not received yet!

Nothing I enjoy much on TV Mon. so we had Chicken and dumplings and channel surfed and then I went to bed.

Tried using the new pain med. I was still awake at 1:30 so I took what works and my ribs quit aching. Watched CNN and getting discouraged. I'm disappointed in our President right now. He's totally caving to the wing nuts. I know he wants to work with them but He is the president. Only good thing is the unemployment lasting longer. I wish Sarah Palin were president, she would be impeached by now and then maybe we could work togther :) KIDDING....... Talk about Repulicans shooting themselves in the foot!

It's very COLD!

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