Sunday, December 5, 2010

4th Day of Sock Christmas!

Oh what a difference a good night sleep can make!

We got right on our project for Tina and Daniel this a.m. Had to break for lunch but by golly we finished them! Our back bedroom is getting full.

The Saint changed the bed so he wouldn't be bothered during football(none of which he seemed interested in)

I cleaned up the back part of the house except for vacuuming. I'll work on the living room tomorrow.

THEN I got some serious work done on Brownie's book. In between that I worked on Shutterfly pictures of Caroline's b'day.

Saw a message from my nephew Scott's daughter that she had no pictures of him and missed him, so I sent her one and will look every day trying to find more. My sister told her she would send her some too. Not sure why she wouldn't have any. He passed away several years ago and I loved him very much.

Nothing at all that I'm interested on TV on Sat. nights so worked on the computer stuff and wished I could find my Christmas music.!

Not so cold today but going to get really cold for the next week. I'm afraid Yummy and Papa are not going to get up the reindeer! We should have done it before Thanksgiving when it was in the 70's!

Spike was REALLY ready to come in tonight and Penny wouldn't leave her heated house for dinner!

I'm trying to do all the things listed to not have Holiday winter depression. I'd say it depends on the minute if it's working. I really don't enjoy going out to eat so I avoid those festivities and that's what I'm suppose to do. hmmmmmm.. do I go and hate it and then hope I feel better????? I quit going to "meetings" about 20 years ago, I found them to be a complete waste of time and never accomplished anything but taking me away from home. I'd like to go to my Ladies Church Circle but I have not been able to drive in months so that's sort of out and the really cold air makes me sick so that's out..There must be SOMETHING! or maybe I'm already doing it. I do love planning gifts in advance and putting them together. But I don't like wrapping :) ah hah the SAINT!

I was reading about the Bear Research Center in Minnesota and thought that would be a good place for Nikki and I to go next spring when we do our Laura tour!

I really love that Chrissy leaves a sweet message to her mom almost every day. I wish that would happen, but not holding my breath. But that is very sweet Chrissy!<>


  1. I remember when I used to make gifts! I enjoyed doing it. I wish I weren't so crazy busy, but that seems to be the way of it... It seems like even good things are just one more thing to put on the calendar!

  2. Loving these! I know Coreen has had pictures. We will get her all she needs between us. I can't imagine not having a picture of your dad.