Thursday, December 23, 2010

22 Sock Day of Christmas

Woke up wishing I could just skip the first two hours of the day :(

I'm doing my Williams imitation!

We cleaned house, or I sort of cleaned the bedroom and office. At least you can walk in the office!

Brownie made a trip to drug store and called Suzy to check how things were and Lindsey said they are coming tonight! YIPPEEEE that's good news, then we have more time to relax a bit.

Saw on FB Caroline found a home for one puppy :( It's good, but I know she's sad.

Brownie & I made 2 batches of Cookies and he made fudge! Made Thumb print and sugar cookies. I still want to make Snickerdooles the kids eat them.

We have beds changed and baths and waited till 1:30 and they arrived at 2 :) It's a long drive!