Monday, December 6, 2010

5th day of Sock Christmas(notice I change the name every day)


Got up and cleaned that gross living room. well, I gave it a swipe :) We had snow flurries all day but nothing stuck.

I know I sorted 500 loads of clothes. someone is sneaking into our house! I have one left to fold.

Then I worked and worked and worked on Brownie's Book. I also ordered everything missing on my list. I like shopping on the net, I can look for EXACTLY what I want, none of that junk in the center of the eye that twinkles and gets the "Saints" eye :)

I woke up in pain from sleeping wrong and probably from being at the computer too long. I have this funny little spot like a bee sting inside a spot on my neck/shoulder. The only thing that relieves it is the Saint pushing in on it with his thumb. He won't do that all day. slacker.

The pain pills I've had to take for several years first for my back and then after the butchering(surgery) have been taken off the market. I have a few stashed away but within a week they will be gone. not sure what I'm suppose to do. I went to a pain clinic for 18 months and have had nerve blocks, implants and every drug that some teenager would love to have and none worked or had such bad side affects. My opinion is this is an old inexpensive drug and the drug companies want to push the higher priced ones that REALLY get you hooked. I have boxes of those waiting for a place I'm suppose to take to dispose of them. Not suppose to flush them. I'm worried because I foresee one of two things, I learn to live with it (after 30 years?) or I just go to bed. Very difficult to build up stamina in such pain. It will work out. The doctor will pat me on the head and say it's OK :) He thinks I'm old enough to die anyway !

We watched the Amazing Race. I love the doctors. Was glad that tatooerextics were kicked off, he was hateful! Think next week is the end.

Found out Riley did something for Advent at Church. It was cold and I hurt so we didn't go but we would have if we had known. I'm going to make a monumental effort to try the next 2 Sundays and take Liam. I wish he could be in the little kids choir but we live to far to take him on Wed. night for 30 minutes.

This is eyeball week! So I hope I can keep up blogging, or socking! I'll be SO glad to have this other eye done and be done with this whole thing. I want to drive and I want to read and I can't do either. It's a good thing I took typing in high school!

I will get Brownie's book done I will get Brownie's book done.

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  1. Well if I had known I would havr dropped my laundry would never have noticed.