Saturday, December 4, 2010

3rd Day of Sock Christmas!

These are my favorite Christmas socks AKA Nikki Socks and TS(Annoying) bit their noses off!

oooooooooooo I should not have gone to bed early. Woke up at 1:30 and that was about it :) oh well, we will plug on! I took a shower and put on a warm nightgown though JUST in case I might want a nap.

Got busy doing morning things only to discover the Saint still doing Crossword Puzzles at NOON! AND listening to Swap and Shop.. NEVER NEVER EVER should Papa listen to Swap and Shop, we now have acquire a new something that is taking up room in the garage :)

Meanwhile I got all my Christmas pictures printed and was really glad I had ordered ink! And I got my Christmas letters printed.

I don't know if everyone knows what onion skin paper is, but we went to our local office supply and they wanted my right arm for it so I ordered it on the net but cannot print on both sides because it is too thin.

So much for my idea of making the Christmas cards lighter!

can't even remember what we ate so it must not have been eventful! OOOOOO yes, fish sticks and stuff.

Friday night shows are great for me with Super Nanny and "What would you do?" I always say I'd step in but I wonder if I really would. I don't like the drama any more because it's all women getting raped and slashed and comedy is sarcasm. Sometimes I watch Modern Family but it comes on at an odd time. I like Anderson Cooper while I work in the office.

After my little Two hours of TV I came in and sorted some more traveling pictures for the Saints Christmas book. SO many to go thru in Hawaii. I know he will love it but it always seems to be the last thing I do and so not a priority:( I ordered the little boys presents today and the two girls something. Caroline I don't really buy for but I think she will like this since she's really in to Aussie puppies right now.

Bed at a good time!


  1. TS better stop chewing! :) All my boys say Mom you would have stopped that from going on when we watch that show. I would like to think I would.

  2. I am enjoying reading these kinds of posts...