Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7th Day of Sock Christmas

Doing the 7th Day on the correct day today cuz tomorrow, I will probably be sightless for the most part.

Got up late this morning, just couldn't think of a reason to get up :) Anyway after I did my normal monotonous morning routine I did take a shower and dressed in my Red Sweat Shirt with a plastic snow globe! We were off to do some mini shopping. I also wore my scarf from Australia and my Mother's RED gloves.
I remember her wearing them every winter when she lived here.

Tina phoned me about the pain pills being advertised on the net from Canada but I discovered it was not an updated site, so unfortunately were back to square one.

So we hit Wally World and after getting a couple of little things we also got Spike a glittery red collar!

We can't find an outfit big enough for Penny!

We then went down to Big Lots to look for some good smelling candles and found out they were just about as expensive there! But I got some and I got a GNOME!

I love him. I have him on my deck that I can see from the kitchen :)

Daniel phoned me to tell me about some pain pills I might ask about. He's a good boy.

Tues. is sort of a boring TV night too but we did watch 5th grader! I love Jeff Foxworthy ~

Good ole hamburger soup for dinner! Now I got to sleep and prepare for the ordeal tomorrow. It's eye gouging day :)


  1. I hope the eye gouging is a breeze. I just want to point out Those are NOT Christmas socks. Just saying.........

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the socks too Nikki! So disappointing! :)