Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20th Sock Day of Christmas!

>Awoke this morning to a volcano exploding in my head! Got up got milk and a handful of Excedrin, went back to bed. Brownie was up waiting for Yummy. I heard the sweet sounds of an excited 4 year old and got up and took medication for a headache and the rest of milk. Thought sleep would return, but it didn't but the excruciating pain left.

My left eye is swelling every night, that's not good! But will wait and see the Dr. when we get back from Florida.

My sweet little boy was up "painting" when I got up. He just does beautiful stuff and loves it!

The Saint and the Boy went shopping for baking supplies while I did my morning routine.

After we had lunch the guys flew in to cookies

I folded clothes and did a few minor things then went in to check them out :) Oh too much fun..

WAY too much fun.

I decided I needed to keep my eyes on things so I started Daniel's Bourbon balls! He likes some for work and at home :)

Had to help with the cookie cutter situation!.

_They were everywhere and witches and shamrocks were getting used~ come on guys!

I started the Bourbon Balls
but discovered not enough powdered sugar. Improvised and the Brownie ran and got some more to roll them in. So Yummy and I made the balls and dipped them and they looked beautiful :)

Yummy said they looked like MUD BALLS while we were making them! I assured him that he would not like them....... WHY?????????......CUZ I SAID SO. Daniel said he was going to give him one at bedtime :) noooo he didn't.
Got all the pictures off my camera stick, it was full and need my camera so I can get Florida picture.

So much flu, I pray we don't get ANY of it on our trip! Kids will be here in 2 more days!


  1. Witches?? Shamrocks??? Silly boys!

  2. Guys guys guys! Only Christmas cutters at Christmas. There are RULES about this!