Friday, December 17, 2010

15th Sock Day of Christmas!

Went to the eye doctor, Dr. Sorhrobe, I just love her. Took almost 2 hours on my eyes. Right eye is wonderful left one still some problems but she's given me some things to work on and go back in January.

We mailed Lea and Nikki's packages and got stamps and came home for a little lunch.
Brownie was off to see a concert and got his tire fixed and me some stuff I needed. My eyes had been dilated and after last week I'm taking no changes. and I have plenty to do.

I got Steve, Chrissy's and Tommy's envelopes packed BUT I'm still missing one so can seal them!

My precious tender hearted Suzy thought she had found Lucky her dog. After waiting all afternoon and even thinking it was him when she saw him it was not him. I feel so bad and sick over this. I want to say hang on Lucky we will find you but think we need to remember the sweet memories and realize he's gone. I wish I could fix this hurt.

Brownie and I spent the entire evening doing Christmas cards. I think I lack one letter but will get it together and send.

I got Jackie Evanco's CD and one of the Cd's won't play! made me sick.

My Uncle Lyle's great grandson died last Sat. and there is such sadness in that family. He was a young sweet teenage boy. Matthew is with Jesus and all of his family who have been waiting on him. it's all just too sad at Christmas.


  1. So young to go...sorry to hear of your loss Auntie...

  2. The loss is awful for them. I want your eye to be perfect!