Monday, December 13, 2010

10th Sock Day of Christmas!

We decided that is was going to be the only good day all week so the Saint braved the cold and went to the attic and attack Christmas junk!

We haven't decorated in several years so he had some shaking off stuff and unwinding. But he did it!

Now our living room looks like a "Christmas House"! as Liam would say. I did little to help but he got it all looking really pretty. I decorated my British ornament tree. He also put our Mickey Mouse Clock Shop up on the mantle.
I know this is a collectors item by now. Lindsey gave it to us over 25 years ago and it's in immaculate condition, even the box with instructions. The kids just love it, not sure the adults so much :) It plays 26 songs!

The Saint also decorated the front porch but the tree out there is not, it just go so cold and started blowing icy wind and pouring.
We cancelled plans to attend Church. just not up to getting out in the miserable weather. My eye is puffy and and just don't move very fast or frisky!
Still plunging away on my book. I think I corrected my errors. I'm really getting sick of it :(

Got a phone picture of Yummy singing Santa and got to play Mickey Mouse to Jimmy!

And BTW the doctor gave me new pain meds so my husband has told me what we did not this day I have NO memory of it except Jimmy and I know the room is decorated. and I do know I was in pain all day, I guess it makes you just not care.


  1. The Christmas decorations are so warm & inviting. The Mickey Mouse clock is the best tradition! We cannot wait to see them & you in person~

  2. I LOVE the nativity set you have!

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