Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11th Sock Day of Christmas!

Woke up to a cold frigid morning. Heavy snow and snow coming down. When we went to bed everything
had turned into a winter wonderland

when we awoke it was just a WHOLE LOT OF SNOW!

It snowed off and on all morning then the sun came out and burned it off the road and driveway.. Checked with Daniel and he made it to Nashville, no problem.

My Saint was having a Newspaper anxiety attack(because he didn't want to drive) so he plunged in to Direct TV/Cable. Spent most of the afternoon on the phone trying to figure it out. End result.......uhhhhhh I don't think anything!

I started to finish Brownie's book in afternoon and finished at 9:00PM! That was with a break for dinner and small amount of TV. $200!!!!!! If there is one tiny error I may slit my wrists! and he just better LOVE IT! :) he will

Found out a teenage cousin died yesterday. I've felt sad all day, like next to tears and didn't even know him. He was a precious sweet boy and it just seems so unfair.

I sure hope Riley gets to perform in his concert! This forecast is not promising.

We got some more things in the mail, will begin to wrap today and tomorrow although I think Yummy will be here tomorrow:)

Everyone talks like this snow is unusual, it always snows the week before Christmas. Lots of times it's in the 80's then SNOW. just got to love TN.


  1. Uuuh I'm going to point out the obvious, You don't match! You really do need more socks so you can match. :) LOVE your snow!

  2. I see a theme for you next year Auntie...ask for Christmas socks! And that's going to be some kind of a book for that much! And could you PLEASE PLEASE send snow here for Christmas!!!! I want snow for Christmas! Thanks I sure would appreciate it!!!

  3. I'm going to have to start wearing the socks at Halloween! and I haven't much snow but I have ice for you?????