Sunday, December 19, 2010

18th Sock Day of Christmas

Up and running this morning! yeah right. well, we didn't walk like slugs shall I say :) We had Very specific things to do as we ventured out in the cold winter day! I tried to impress this on the "driver". He does tend to not stay focused~

Walgreens, Hastings and Bestbuy! I refused to wander thru Goodwill, under the drivers protest!

The Post Office was closed when we got there.. Good grief people it's CHRISTMAS, I don't care if it's a half day!

Got home and wrapped our brains out. I think everything is wrapped but we certainly have NOT put the paper away!

Brownie took off to get Yummy and we spent the evening painting

and decorating!

He was so excited over his new craft carrier with all the stuff in it.

Carmen's Mom is quite ill. I'm sad for them during Christmas.

But my sister got to see Scott's(her son who died) grandchildren! they are adorable little girls.

Got the boy to bed by 9 and he went right to sleep.

Clothes all ready for Church. Not sure we will have a Christmas anything like this again. Time to just downsize way down. We did this year but was still too much on both of us. I'm SO happy my kids will be here for Christmas though!


  1. This was the last busy weekend, it should slow down and just all fall into place now. :)

  2. I'm still waiting for it to slow hasn't happened yet!