Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Schools ANYWHERE in TN today or KY so no Yummy :(. It's SO cold and the roads are treacherous. The snow is just spotty here and there but it's still slick.

Let Spike out this morning and he jumped like a Kangaroo across the yard, went under the deck and back in the house! No mam, no sire we are NOT going out!

Penny was just fine in her igloo with the heater blowing on her. I saw her about mid morning trotting down the driveway tail wagging and going to great her neighbors :)

TooSweet has to be drop kicked out of the house!
Very hard for me to move in the mornings. Keep trying to keep going.

Paid bills and sorted thru gifts to see if the right thing is in the right place!

Not an eventful day.


  1. The other mates! You are too cute!

  2. I paid bills too...they took all my money!!! I've thought about drop kicking my boys on the bus after our week of snow about Thanksgiving...