Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sock day for Christmas #14

Yummy had to be picked up Papa at a very early hour and he arrived in all his glory! PaPa took him to get a hair cut in his Jammies :) VERY early morning for Papa to drive to Beechgrove.

He was just totally amazed! Just like all of our grandchildren have been. It's a one of a kind and he just could not get enough of it..

Also the "Rapping Santa" and the Singing Christmas bear and Dalmatian!

and all the lights that sing. This little boy loves Christmas and everything about it. He knows its the day Jesus was born but at his age in my opinion the whole "baby Jesus birthday" is just very confusing. Maybe in a year or so. He did get the story read to him and has lots of questions. He is a delightful little boy. He is the goodness in our sometimes dreary life.

He loves watching all of his old video's on Papa's computer so after he plays so hard and needs to calm down he gets on the talk chair and I put on OTM and he knows how to click on each one. Big Green tractor will never be topped though!

Hated that Papa had to take him all the way home when he was so very tired but he would do anything for that boy or any of the four grandchildren, just ask Caroline!

We wrapped some presents! Were Yummy tired ~

PS Dec. 14 is a Special Day for me. For many many years I owned and operated my own family child care center known as "MzSharon's House" My very first baby turned 20 on the 14th. My beautiful golden boy with the beautiful golden curls named Ephram. We were inseparable. Love all the others equally but something about that first one..20 years ago~

Also on December 14 my Jakey was born. All the the children were favorites in different ways, but my Jacob wanted my arms and my lap 8 hours a day and he was the sweetest funniest BRIGHTEST little boy I can remember. And ya know he has not changed, I just got his Christmas pic and there is his sullen teenage brother I also cared for but Jakey has still got that smile from ear to ear, love the world look. Jacob is now 12 :( Love that boy.


  1. You have all the same gizmo and loud Christmas gadgets that my in-laws have and continually buy and then complain about how loud they are....must be a grandparent thing... ;)

  2. Yummy is just to stinkin cute! 20 years??? Whattheheck????