Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 1 of a Sock Day of Christmas:) December 1st for me!

Yummy arrived very early and very sick. Papa doctored him and he went to sleep watching Dora. After awaking Grandmommy took his Temp and it was 102.4 and he felt AWFUL. Papa was sent to get more medicine~

After a couple hours he brightened up and ate an egg and started playing quietly. Grandmommy let him use her nebulizer which he thought was SO COOL. By noon his Temp was normal.

Katherine had her skin cancer removed and as far as I know it all went splendidly! Now she can breathe easier.

I worked almost all day on "my 3 girls" Christmas present! I didn't know it was going to take so long and not sure everything was done right but will find out when I get them mailed to me!

Watched Survivor, getting to the end!!!!!!! Woosy girls quit!

Checked my Christmas letter for errors and made corrections and additions! Got my labels in the mail today. I get so excited when they come. I love doing Christmas cards. Now I'm just waiting on one thing to arrive and I can order cards!

Found out my friend Sharon P from Kansas has an I Phone and a Mac so won't be able to talk to her any more, I'm sad. Just between us....... I hate I Phones and if I win one I'll give it to whoever wants it!

Worked on Thanksgiving Pictures for Shutterfly. What a WONDERFUL day!

Till tomorrow with the next pair of socks!

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